May 2nd 2022

Today me Mum and Dad went on a lovely nature walk around Stanton Forest. Stratton Woods? Stanton Park? One of them.

So many dogs. I felt like we needed to have a dog with us or we looked out of place. Freddie where you at?

It was lovely to be out in nature. It’s something that I don’t do enough at the moment. There are loads of nice areas around Cheltenham where I could go for a walk, but I only ever do it when I’m with Mum and Dad.

I am by default suspicious of people who I see walking on their own. Like, how can you be comfortable enough with your own company to just wander around alone. Especially those who do it without music. They must have incredibly interesting thoughts. Or none at all, I guess.

So I don’t know if I’ll be going on country walks alone any time soon. I don’t like myself enough for that.

Until tomorrow, Jim, get Brad and Zo to take us to the Forest of Dean again or something.


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