May 3rd 2022

Today was pretty rough. I am doing my best to cram 5 days of work into 1.5 days in the office this week — thanks to a bank holiday plus a trip to Romania I’m on this weekend.

And so instead of being able to just focus on each thing I needed to get done in subsequence this week, I had to rush through them in parallel. And it stressed me out. This is an awfully timed holiday, and it feels like I’ve not done a five day week in forever, and that I am just spinning pies on my fingers without eating them, or whatever the saying is.

As it’s turned out, ,my most important campaign of the year so far has started this week, and is fully rolling out next week, and I’m gonna be in Romania for it all. That makes me incredibly tempted to check my emails all the time to see how it’s going, but also I am in desperate need of a weekend away on the beers.


That was a tiny little scream.

For the last four hours or so I’ve managed to distract myself but now I’m thinking about the pies again.

Mmmm, pie. Wait, no. oh fuck i’m losing it

Until tomorrow, go to bed james.


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