May 5th 2022

Today we flew to Bucharest. It was a stressful flight, but in the end we got there. We’re staying in an absolute penthouse — an Airbnb which has a surprise three balconies. At one point today we’d run out of sun on the north facing side (below), so switched to the south-facing side.

We tried to explore the city, but my navigation was bad, and so was my ability to scoot scoot motherfucker, and shortly after getting on a scooter I land on my face and chest. Oops.

We’d been told about this Mexican restaurant (Blue Margarita), to which we ventured, but we hadn’t realised that today is Cinqo de Mayo, or a day when many people book tables at Mexican restaurants. So our extended trip was cut short. We ended up at a place which promised more than it delivered, food wise. The cocktails were good though.

That was kinda the theme for the rest of the night, to be honest, though it was slash is a Thursday.

Until tomorrow, we’ll try again tomorrow.


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