May 7th 2022

Today was my last day in Bucharest. And so we made the most of it. Thanks to the early night last night we made it to Therme Bucharest before 10am.

Therme is a water park slash relaxation zone. We spent half of our three hours on the slides, and half of it in the jacuzzis. I took no photos inside, because, yknow, but believe me that it was a great time. We went on the red slide five times, and not once did we make it down the thingy hole first time.

After, we walked through Herastrau park, which is a nice walk along a lake. We stopped for drinks and food at a place that we would come back near to later on. It was called Beriria? Which I think means Bar but could also mean Beer.

After accidentally stumbling on the Ancient Village, I think we’d basically ticked off all that we wanted to do in Bucharest, so with that in mind we headed back to the town.

A brief taxi later we were at Blue Margarita, a place at which I had my best Mexican food ever, but of which I cannot speak right now, lest I chunder.

After, we taxid one way to see the fountain show:

And then after that we headed to BOA, which was supposed to be a super club, but turned out I be more super than club, which maybe makes sense.

After that, it was back to old town and undrinkable drunks. That was meant to say drinks, though the first attempt is also true.

Until tomorrow, hard rock.


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