May 14th 2022 Today was a lovely day. To start, Dad and I played golf at the Painswick Golf Club. It is a short, tricky, beautiful little course in a stunning part of the world. The bloody beat me again didn’t he. There are rarely days better spent than those where I take my dad to a golf course. I can’t think of many things I’d rather do. Apart from take my dad to a golf course and then also beat him at golf. That would be nice, once in a while. Later, we went for accidental afternoon tea at … Continue reading Lovely


May 13th 2022 Today I experimented with a new diet in an effort to fight the carbs and this weird belly bloat I’ve got going on recently. Usually if I have too much bread in a day I end up with a swollen stomach, so I’m trying to cut down on carbs. I’m not entirely sure where I got the belief that that will help, but I’m going with it. Breakfast Now, I’m a man of habit. For the past 3 years I have had for breakfast — almost every day — a toasted sesame seed bagel, spread with Philadelphia, … Continue reading Carbs