May 13th 2022

Today I experimented with a new diet in an effort to fight the carbs and this weird belly bloat I’ve got going on recently.

Usually if I have too much bread in a day I end up with a swollen stomach, so I’m trying to cut down on carbs. I’m not entirely sure where I got the belief that that will help, but I’m going with it.


Now, I’m a man of habit. For the past 3 years I have had for breakfast — almost every day — a toasted sesame seed bagel, spread with Philadelphia, containing a fried egg, sliced ham, and wild rocket. It is my go to breakfast. But this morning I replaced it with… fruit.

Kind of.

I had yoghurt with mixed fruits/seeds and this power food granola type thing. It was really nice. I usually try to avoid sugar and I’m not sure how much was in it, but it tasted like there was a lot. But it’s probably good sugar? It gave me loads of energy and focus for my morning at work, which was good.


I had a toasted sesame seed bagel, spread with Philadelphia, containing a fried egg, sliced ham, and wild rocket.

I told you I was a man of habit.

My idea is to move my bagel from breakfast to lunch, and replace morning bagel with yoghurt etc. That way, I still get to eat my bagel, but usually for lunch I’d end up getting a sandwich or a pasta or something, and that’s just a lot of bread and or carbs. And I know by eating a bagel for lunch I’m still having bread and or carbs, but I’m effectively replacing lunch with yoghurt for breakfast.


In the spirit of no carbs…

Chicken with Pesto, mozzarella and sliced beef tomato , alongside garlic and Parmesan roasted broccoli and assorted green stuff. It’s essentially somewhere between a salad and a normal meal without potatoes. Also good. Though, I made three chicken breasts all the same, and the lack of potatoes just made me want to eat all three breasts. I didn’t though. Much.

Until tomorrow, I think I’m full?


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