May 14th 2022

Today was a lovely day. To start, Dad and I played golf at the Painswick Golf Club. It is a short, tricky, beautiful little course in a stunning part of the world. The bloody beat me again didn’t he.

There are rarely days better spent than those where I take my dad to a golf course. I can’t think of many things I’d rather do. Apart from take my dad to a golf course and then also beat him at golf. That would be nice, once in a while.

Later, we went for accidental afternoon tea at also The Painswick. The Painswick golf club weren’t serving food after our round because there was a wedding or some bullshit after our round, so we went to a place in Painswick called The Painswick, which had been recommended to me. It was good! Though the only thing on the menu was afternoon tea.

I didn’t think I was an afternoon tea kinda guy, but this one was very enjoyable. Dad and I shared, which worked out well, because I gave him the cucumber and salmon sandwiches (those are separate sandwiches, not combined, and I got the ham one).

Later later, Em cooked me salmon. Apparently I like salmon after all. It was salmon gnocchi with loads of garlic and Parmesan. To be fair, I’d eat you if you were covered in garlic and Parmesan. And I don’t even know who you are.

All in all, I agree with Bill Withers. Take it away, Bill.

Until tomorrow, it was a lovely day, lovely day, a lovely day, lovely day.


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