May 18th 2022

Today I think I’ve found the house that I want to buy. I’ve gone slowly off the search since multiple setbacks a few months ago, but more recently the market has calmed down slightly and I was emailed about a house that I knew I was going to love.

I almost could have put an offer in just from seeing the pictures. I knew not much would change when I saw it in person, but I did so today.

I’ve offered on three different places now, but this is the first one that I feel like I’ve actually wanted. The first ones I just wanted to want. But this could be the one.

Brand new finish. A big kitchen/living/diner. Bifold doors onto a south-facing patio garden. Two parking spaces. An office space for my work from home set up. It’s got everything I want.

I’ve made a bid.

Until tomorrow, wish me luck.


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