May 22nd 2022

Today was very similar to yesterday insofar as I did fuck all, and very much enjoyed it.

I did leave the house today though, which was progress. Twice, actually. Did you know that Tesco opens at 9 on a Sunday but you can’t actually buy anything until 10? I didn’t.

I showed up at 930 and thought I was high because there were no staff on the tills and a rope surrounded the self checkout. An employee eventually told me that because “it’s Sunday trading hours” they don’t take payment until 10. I asked why they even let people in, then, and he said that it’s so people can do a big shop and pay when it opens.

But surely they could just do a big shop at 10, when it opens?

I didn’t get it.

Until tomorrow, anyway, that was about the most notable thing to happen to me today.


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