May 23rd 2022

Today I’m really struggling with keeping organised at work.

For the most part, I completely rely on my ability to retain information. If I have a meeting about a project I will never write anything down, because I’m trying to take everything in and be present, but doing that in every meeting means I end up with a lot of stuff stored in a jumbled mess of a filing system within my brain.

It’s sometimes like my brain is a cheap public defender in a shitty office from a bad movie about criminal defence lawyers. There’s just various bits of paper all over the floor, and all of the information is stored there somewhere, it’s just a case of finding where it is, and doing it in time to be able to answer the question I’ve just been asked.

I know there are myriad organisation tools that I could utilise to help organise myself somewhat, but I’ve always believed that the act of planning the work you need to do often gets in the way of actually doing the work you need to do.

That said, desperately fumbling over mental stacks of A4 legal paper is not exactly conducive to working at peak performance.

So I don’t know what to do. I’ll attempt to improve my organisation, but I know myself well enough to know that won’t last.

Maybe my mental filing system approach is still the right one for me, I just need to get things more organised within my head. Start storing things alphabetically in drawers so at least I know the general vicinity of the bit of paper I’m looking for.

Or I could start taking literal notes instead of metaphorical ones.

Until tomorrow, nah that’ll never catch on.


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