May 25th 2022

Today I’m sorry but it’s another golf blog. If that is content you don’t want to stay tuned in for, then go read someone else’s diary you big creep.

Right, now that the weirdos are gone…

I could’ve, and maybe should’ve, broken 80 today. I was +3 after nine holes. I don’t think I’ve ever been +3 through nine holes on any course outside of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007 on the PlayStation 2.

I was playing seriously well, but not really thinking about it. That was the key. As soon as I started thinking “hang about, I could be on for a seriously good score here”, I started to fluff it up a bit.

I was +6 two holes into the back nine, and by the 15th I was +11 after a triple bogey 7. On 15, I’d creamed a drive 240 yards and then taken six shots to travel the last 40 yards. Golf is weird.

I started using this app which tracks where my shots end up, how far they go, and what clubs I should use, etc., and it does not make a pretty picture on 15. Had I have parred that hole, breaking 80 could’ve been seriously doable.

It’s weird, the mentality side of sport. Because until I realised how well I was doing, I was just super chill, and enjoying it without thinking about. It’s only when I started thinking about it that I slipped back.

Until tomorrow, I’ll break 80 at that course this year, I swear to it.


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