May 27th 2022

Today, as it turned out, I didn’t fly to Belfast. I’d been at Birmingham airport for about 3 minutes when I got an email saying my flight had been cancelled. Something something operation issue.

I walked into the Frankie & Benny’s where Andy was waiting for me, and he didn’t believe what I’d said to him. He thought I was having him on. Our flight had been cancelled two hours before it was supposed to take off.

Cheers, EasyJet.

Easyjet had no alternative flights available today, and the earliest we could get there was Monday. And we were supposed to fly home on Sunday.

If we wanted to get there tonight, we could have flown with Flybe, and paid £300 for the pleasure of it. Each.

It really did not seem worth spending £300 on a flight to Belfast. One way. The return flight only cost us like £80 in the first place.

I think maybe if I were not about to spend every penny that I own on buying a house I maybe would have said “fuck it, we’re here now, we may as well still go”, and have spent £200+ on the flight. But really I was just defeated by what had happened, and figured the universe didn’t want us to go to Belfast.

Aaron was flying separately from Gatwick, and I’m told that the security agents were incredibly confused when he told them that he needed to pass security again to get out of departures, as he no longer needed to get on his flight.

After much deliberation, Andy and I decided we’d drive back to my house in Cheltenham as a replacement for Belfast. The good news was that, somehow, the weekend being in Cheltenham instead of Belfast meant that Chris could come, so we were all together for the first time in a long time.

In the end, we actually had a cracking night in Cheltenham. And I didn’t even need to get on a flight for it.

I mean, it would’ve been nice to see Belfast, but at least we still had a good night in Cheltenham.

Until tomorrow, beta the barman.


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