May 28th 2022

Today I felt like I let the side down, because Cheltenham let me down.

First, let me caveat this by saying that, Initially, we were supposed to be in Belfast tonight, but easyjet put a stop to that. So, a last-minute reschedule ended with us 3 liverpool fans sleeping at mine in Cheltenham tonight, on the night of the champions league final.

For a solid three hours this evening we walked around Cheltenham trying to find a single pub which was showing the football and was not fully booked.

We found literally one. The Rotunda. which is not a nice place. The last time I watched football there a player literally had a heart attack on the pitch. I don’t think that’s the Rotunda’s fault but it’s indicative of the issue.

And so, inevitably, we ended up back at mine.

In the end, that was probably for the best, as Liverpool deservedly lost, and I wasn’t really sure what to do with three depressed liverpool fans so I just went to bed.

Until tomorrow, maybe you’ll walk alone tonight.


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