May 29th 2022

Today I should’ve been flying back from Belfast. Fucking easyjet. Ryanair for ever.

Turns out it was some sort of independence centenary in Northern Ireland today and the city looked absolutely bouncing, so it was a shame to miss out on that.

I did basically nothing instead. Aaron Chris and Andy left first thing, so I just flopped about the house and ate leftover potato waffles and drank leftover beer without clearing up any of the leftover beer bottles.

The positive of not going to Belfast was that it meant we got to see Chris. I’m not sure if I mentioned that on either of the last two blogs. For one of them I was very drunk and for the other I was mostly drunk.

It was still a good weekend. I’ve potentially managed to profit out of it, too, as easyjet may owe me up to £300 in compensation, which would be nice.

Until tomorrow, we’ll go back there one day.


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