May 30th 2022

Today I am slightly suspicious about how seamlessly the whole “buying a house” thing is going. When I applied for my mortgage last week I was told it takes on average five weeks to be accepted. It took five days. I now have an official mortgage offer. Which I’ve accepted. And that whole part of the process is just kinda… done.

The lender had one question about my bank statement, which had a super boring answer. And that was that. I’ve spent a silly and uncharacteristic amount of money recently on holidays and such, and I kinda expected that to be picked up on. But no. Offer accepted.

The only slight trouble I’ve had was completely self-inflicted and not even intentional.

Today I walked into Lloyds bank in town to ask what the process was for closing down my Help To Buy ISA. I kinda expected that I might have to book an appointment, or even travel back to Swindon to my local branch, but the guy was basically like “pass me your card and I can do that right now”.

Now, I didn’t have my card on me because 1) I rarely carry a wallet anymore (shout out Steve Jobs) and 2) I didn’t actually think it would be as simple as that.

So basically I just go in tomorrow and it’s done.

I’m suspicious.

Like yeah it’s been quite a lot of admin. But it’s mostly just been answering the phone and verifying the information I’ve given in forms.

I’m not sure where I imagined the stress would come from. I did expect it to take longer than this though. I first viewed the property two weeks ago and I kinda get the impression that I could move in next month if I wanted to.

Until tomorrow, that’s not how it’s supposed to work, is it?


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