May 31st 2022

Today was overwhelming, for a bit. The other day I said I was surprised by how well I’m handling everything going on in my life, but today it kinda just all piled up at once.

Work was a lot. It was a combination of stressful, boring, and annoying. And I had far too much sugar so had a weird body/mind crash at like 4pm.

The house stuff isn’t particularly stressful because it’s going, so far, so smoothly, but it’s just always there. Like there’s always one email I’m waiting for or one form I’m due to fill out. If I wanted to I could genuinely move in in about three weeks. And that’s fucking mad.

And then there’s the usual. Which is, as usual, in its usual mess. That was supposed to say “usualness”, but the autocorrect works just as well.

Until tomorrow, let’s try again.


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