June 30th 2022 Today I ran again. For the first time this year. For the first time in 9 months. I don’t really know why. I didn’t plan to. I just put running shorts on when I woke up this morning and then by lunchtime I was also in a running top. I wouldn’t say that I enjoyed it, but I’m glad I went. I ran a new, exploratory route, that took almost 40 minutes and turned out to be be basically exactly 5k anyway. Some of you will remember that until about this time last year, I was on … Continue reading Exploratory


June 29th 2022 Today I am struggling with the power of will. Willpower, I could have said, had I not chosen to word that sentence weirdly. This evening I kept getting distracted as I was trying to read a book. It was a really interesting book, but I’m just fucking addicted to my phone. I’ll pick it up every time it buzzes, and then when I put it on do not disturb, I’ll tap the screen to check it anyway. It’s so depressing. It’s a behaviour I would like to unlearn. There’s probably a term for it. There usually is. … Continue reading Willpower


June 28th 2022 Today I learnt that two my favourite people at work are leaving. Times are changing. Times are really fucking changing. It feels like everybody has naturally reached their “jumping off point”. I’m not entirely sure what people are jumping off in that metaphor, because I only learnt it yesterday. Is it a bus? Like it’s reached their stop and it’s time for them to jump off? That would seem to make sense. I’m gonna go with that. Meanwhile, I’m still on the bus, and as yet unsure exactly where my stop is or why I got on … Continue reading Jumping


June 27th 2022 Today was my first day back at work after a while off. I felt up for it. Mostly. I have a relatively clear head and lots to do, and lots to think about. There is like a whole load happening but no one can talk about any of it. It’s all very hush hush, and I have no idea in what place I stand with any of it. I need to rely on some good advice, and I need to think. Until tomorrow, just don’t yet know what I’m supposed to be thinking about. Jacn Continue reading Hush


June 24th 2022 Today I am writing this in my third hour of this flight being delayed. I’m writing this because if at any point this flight lands in the UK I will want to be asleep very shortly afterwards. We played one final round today. 18 holes at the O’Connor course at Amendoeira. Again, I have no idea how I lost. Well, I do. It was kind of karma, really. I told Sam that he couldn’t “have” a “gimme” on the 12th, and then when he said I couldn’t “have” a “gimme”, I missed it because of nerves. It … Continue reading Oconnor


June 23rd 2022 Today I’ve played my best golf of the trip and still somehow not won the match. I don’t mean to sound bitter, but I’ve literally only hit two bad shots today and I’ve lost by two points. I guess this is just how the handicap system works. I give Jake nine shots over the round and he’s made the most of them to be fair. He has also played well so I can’t be too annoyed on the day, but in the context of the whole week, something doesn’t seem right considering I’ve shot the lowest combined … Continue reading Quinta


June 22nd 2022 Today we’ve played at San Lorenzo golf club, which is the most expensive, most iconic course we’ll visit this trip. It’s also the course I’ve been my most injured, which is annoying. I’ve somehow sprained my wrist playing my golf two days ago, and today it’s in a bandage. A nice man behind reception gave me a bandage I. Keeee or makes sense r Until tomorrow, it hurts Jacn Continue reading Lorenzo


June 21st 2022 Today was our “day off” of golf, but we still managed to play nine holes. We started the day by going to a water park called Splash and Slide. Or slide and splash. Slip and splash? Something like that. Something like this: It was good fun, but would’ve been more fun if it were not surprisingly cold in Portugal today. A combination of clouds, wind, and getting in and out of water meant that we were shivering for most of it, which isn’t ideal. It was still fun, but not as fun as it could’ve been. Afterwards, … Continue reading Floodlit