June 1st 2022

Today I played football for the first time in a long time. As expected, I am unfit. I haven’t ran any kind of serious run since July last year, after my streak of 413 consecutive days of running ended.

My work have started (or restarted) putting on a Wednesday Night Football at the Astros nearby, and today was my debut. It wasn’t a great all round performance from me, as I showed up 20 minutes late, and puffed around chasing my first touch for most of it.

I did enjoy it though. I’ll definitely start going every week. It was the kind of fuck around standard which I enjoy, because it’s still competitive but I’m not surrounded by a bunch of people who are a lot better than me, like I normally am when I play football.

It was fun. I should run.

Until tomorrow, I should also stop trying to nutmeg people.


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