June 3rd 2022

Today I played golf. I bought some new coffee. I watched some TV. It was a low key bank holiday Friday. Hashtag platty jubes.

It’s not that I regret not doing more, because I am intentionally not doing anything in a bid to save money. I just kinda wish I could not do something with someone, yknow.

I was supposed to be at Love Saves The Day today, which is a dance music festival in Bristol. In the end I didn’t go because it was gonna be too soon after my trip to Belfast, but that didn’t even happen in the end, so I probably could have gone to this one. Though it’s not really my scene anymore anyway.

Golf is much more my scene.

I dunno. I’ve done exactly what I intended to this weekend it’s just not great.

I’m going to a barbecue at duff’s tomorrow though, so that’ll be fun.

Until tomorrow, until it rains.


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