June 5th 2022 Today I am horrendously hungover so I’ve mostly just flopped in bed watching The Lincoln Lawyer. It’s quite good. Some of the casting is questionable but it’s a good story and it’s mostly well shot. That’s about all I have for you today. Until tomorrow, sleep tight. Jacn Continue reading Lincoln


June 4th 2022 Today I experienced what it would be like if a professional chef was in charge of the barbecue, and, let me tell you, it is fucking unbelievable. I didn’t realise that it was possible that barbecued food could taste like that. The food was so good that it had me eating foods that I did not even think that I liked (some mushroom thing and some kale thing) I wish I had better photos but I was slightly too busy demolishing the food to take photos. I don’t even like sweetcorn but that shit was ridiculous. Did … Continue reading Unreal