June 12th 2022

Today I spent most of my morning convincing myself to leave the house. When I eventually did I was both glad, and slightly annoyed.

I walked to visit Jim and Al at their new flat across the other side of Cheltenham. My best friend has officially moved to my town!!

On my way there, I walked past the Science Festival which has apparently been on at Montpellier Gardens for the last week. I didn’t know.

There are a lot of really cool things that happen in Cheltenham that I don’t ever go out to see because I spend most of my time stuck inside.

Cheltenham doesn’t just have The Festival (of horses) it has Festivals (of science and art and literature) and, since I moved here over two years ago, I’ve seen none of it. I don’t do anything, really. And yet there is so much to do.

When I passed back through the park on the way home, the science festival was just closing down, but there was a pop-up book shop from which I bought David and Goliath, by Malcolm Gladwell. I am desperately searching for inspiration in my life, and I found the last Gladwell book I read, Outliers, to be inspirational.

I sat with my book in the park for a while and read. And people watched. And read a bit more. Cheltenham is great for people watching. I like to play a game where I create a backstory to the relationships of people I see wandering around.

I left the park when I got cold and hungry, but on my way out I walked past a tent where they were just setting up for a speech/presentation/talk. Most of me wanted to go in and sit down and listen to whatever the presenter had to say, just to take in some culture, but the talk was about climate change and I wasn’t in the mood to be yelled at.

Until tomorrow, I need to start living my life before the world melts.


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