June 14th 2022

Today I surprised my parents by showing up at their house after work. They’re looking after my niece for a few days, and I miss her, and I miss them.

I’d planned to show up unannounced yesterday, but by the time I finished work it was 5:30 which meant I wouldn’t have been here until gone 6:30, which wouldn’t have given me much time with Sophia before she went to sleep.

So today I ditched work at 4, was here by 5, and got to spend a lovely few hours with her before she went to bed.

We paddled.

And we ate dinner.

And we scooted around the neighbourhood.

It took her a few minutes when I got there to warm up to me and remember who I am, but then she wouldn’t leave my side. It was so sweet.

Until tomorrow, also it was nice to see mum and dad.


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