June 15th 2022

Today I spent most of my day either trying to find a burrito to eat or telling that I really wanted to eat a burrito.

I walked down every street in Gloucester town centre and there was not a single place to buy a burrito. There was not a single place to buy any decent lunch, but specifically I wanted a burrito.

There’s a burrito place in Cheltenham called papparittos, and mostly I really wanted one of those. Large burrito. Pulled chicken. White rice. Peppers. Refried beans. Guacamole. Sour cream. Chillis. Cheese. Hot sauce.

Having not been able to get one for lunch, I’d’ve settled for one for dinner. However, by the time I got home from golf after work, it was almost 9pm and pappapapapaaritoss was closed. I never know how many Rs and how many Ps. There’s definitely only one S though.

Somehow, Uber knew.

Taco Bell though? I’m not that desperate.

Until tomorrow, guess where I’m gonna go for lunch?


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