June 16th 2022

Today I have had like three days in a row where I am in a good mood. I’m unsure what to make of it. I’m quite suspicious of it, though.

It’s not exactly accidental, and is hopefully the product of a change in mindset. I’m off on holiday tomorrow too, so that’ll hopefully extend my good feeling.

You know how previously I’ve written about how getting a haircut fills me with anxiety and dread? Well it didn’t today. I just strolled in. I think I have a regular barbers now. I don’t know what it’s called. i don’t know his name. That doesn’t matter. He cuts my hair in silence. He even did my beard today.

And no one got hurt. And I didn’t bleed!

It was a good day.

Until tomorrow, I even got the burrito I’d been craving.


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