June 17th 2022

Today was a weird first day to our golf holiday in the Algarve.

It was running really really smoothly until the point we left the airport. Then it all got a bit frantic.

We tried to get on a bus but couldn’t because we didn’t have cash. We eventually got to our hire car. We eventually got to our Airbnb.

Then none of the keys would work so we had to call our someone to give us some new ones, except in that time we figured out how to use the keys. Then we couldn’t open any of the windows. Also there was an army of ants.

The pool is nice though.

Even though we hadn’t planned to, we went and played golf tonight at Pine Cliffs. It’s a pretty 9-hole on the cliff side.

I played atrociously. The worst I’ve played this year. I did hit the ball over that gap successfully though.

If you ask the losers, we’re not counting that as an official round. Don’t ask the winners.

Food was fine, if a bit expensive, at Peri Peri Steakhouse within the Pine Cliffs resort.

Then it got weird again.

Somehow the burglar alarm in the Villa kept going off, so we had to call the Airbnb maintenance guy, who sent out the owner, who brought all of his family. So for like an hour this family we’re tying towels around the motion sensors because they couldn’t remember what the code was to disable the security alarm.

That was weird. Hopefully the fact I played terrible golf was also weird, and that I will be back to normal tomorrow.

Until tomorrow, night.


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