June 19th 2022

Today I won a game! Ross arrived in the Algarve this morning so there are now 5 of us. We picked him up from Faro airport, and then arrived at Vale de Lobo Royal Course 4 hours before our tee off was booked.

We got plenty of practice in.

Because there was five of us we split up into a three and a two. I was in the two with a one versus one with Daryl. By the ninth hole I was four up and laughing. Three holes later I was one up and my knees were rattling. I thought it could’ve been the biggest crumble in golf history.

In the end it wasn’t, but it could have been.

The Royal is the only course we’re playing this trip that we’ve played before. And that’s mostly because of this hole:

The famous 16th. A 200 yard par three over the Cliff edge. Today playing about 250 because it was blowing a Gail Platt out there. (That means it was windy)

In the end I won on that hole to win the match, but moreso because I was best of a bad bunch on it.

Me and Butch were playing with two German-ish fellas. Well, an Austrian and a Swiss-German. Nice enough guys. Not good enough to make us feel shit. Not bad enough to make us feel good.

Also there was this hole, with the ducks.

I think they’re probably ducks.

Something something duck hook left.

Until tomorrow, I’m too tired to go out but apparently we’re doing it anyway.


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