June 21st 2022

Today was our “day off” of golf, but we still managed to play nine holes.

We started the day by going to a water park called Splash and Slide. Or slide and splash. Slip and splash? Something like that. Something like this:

It was good fun, but would’ve been more fun if it were not surprisingly cold in Portugal today. A combination of clouds, wind, and getting in and out of water meant that we were shivering for most of it, which isn’t ideal.

It was still fun, but not as fun as it could’ve been.

Afterwards, we went for some of the best Mexican food I’ve ever had:

I was not expecting some random roadside Mexican in Albufeira to be able to deliver such high quality, authentic (as far as I could tell) Mexican food, but it was fantastic. Second only to the Mexican I had in Romania.

I should go to Mexico.

And then, of course, we played golf. Night golf! Golf at night!

It’s a floodlit par three course at the Amendoeira resort which I’ve stayed at previously (but hadn’t played the night golf)

The course was short, and not that challenging, but the nighttime aspect of it brings something new to it.

It was pretty, but it would’ve been better if we went at a time where it was busy, and there was more atmosphere around the course. As it was, it was just us five. Still fun though.

Annoyingly, I’ve somehow yesterday either pulled a muscle or bruised a bone in my left wrist, so it literally hurts for me to swing a golf club at the moment, which is not an ideal way to be during a golf holiday.

Until tomorrow, I’m hoping to sleep it off.


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