June 24th 2022 Today I am writing this in my third hour of this flight being delayed. I’m writing this because if at any point this flight lands in the UK I will want to be asleep very shortly afterwards. We played one final round today. 18 holes at the O’Connor course at Amendoeira. Again, I have no idea how I lost. Well, I do. It was kind of karma, really. I told Sam that he couldn’t “have” a “gimme” on the 12th, and then when he said I couldn’t “have” a “gimme”, I missed it because of nerves. It … Continue reading Oconnor


June 23rd 2022 Today I’ve played my best golf of the trip and still somehow not won the match. I don’t mean to sound bitter, but I’ve literally only hit two bad shots today and I’ve lost by two points. I guess this is just how the handicap system works. I give Jake nine shots over the round and he’s made the most of them to be fair. He has also played well so I can’t be too annoyed on the day, but in the context of the whole week, something doesn’t seem right considering I’ve shot the lowest combined … Continue reading Quinta