June 24th 2022

Today I am writing this in my third hour of this flight being delayed. I’m writing this because if at any point this flight lands in the UK I will want to be asleep very shortly afterwards.

We played one final round today. 18 holes at the O’Connor course at Amendoeira. Again, I have no idea how I lost.

Well, I do. It was kind of karma, really. I told Sam that he couldn’t “have” a “gimme” on the 12th, and then when he said I couldn’t “have” a “gimme”, I missed it because of nerves.

It was only fair, really, but it was still annoying. I swear, tee to Green today I played like a single figure handicapper, but on the greens I played like a dick head. I’m not sure what handicap a dickhead would play to, but it isn’t low.

We even all played off scratch today and it still wasn’t enough. Gahhhhhh. Fuck sake. I’ve won one out of eight and I’ve played the fewest combined shots out of all of us.

Until tomorrow, what a trip though.


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