June 23rd 2022

Today I’ve played my best golf of the trip and still somehow not won the match. I don’t mean to sound bitter, but I’ve literally only hit two bad shots today and I’ve lost by two points.

I guess this is just how the handicap system works. I give Jake nine shots over the round and he’s made the most of them to be fair. He has also played well so I can’t be too annoyed on the day, but in the context of the whole week, something doesn’t seem right considering I’ve shot the lowest combined gross score out of all of us and somehow only won one round.


It was Quinta Da Lago South course today, and it was probably the best course of the trip. That or Villamoura. The complex was lovely. The buggies were free. The buggies had in built GPS! It was just the little touches that made the experience better. And, as ever, the enjoyment of the course is directly related to how well you play. And I did play well today, I just didn’t win.

Until tomorrow, I have one more shot.


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