July 31st 2022 Today was another lovely day. I’ve had a good weekend. We were supposed to be playing golf, but it was a bit rainy so we went to play snooker instead. Dad won all three games. Show off. In the mid-afternoon I mostly just napped because for some reason I’m tired all the time now, and can never sleep. At some point I’ll start worrying about that but not right now. Then I just played in the garden with my niece. She is at an absolutely precious age where everything she says and does is adorable to me. … Continue reading Lionesses


July 30th 2022 Today we went to Longleat safari park and had some incredible look with our animal encounters. I don’t know if it was luck or judgement which meant that basically all of the animals were unusually active. We could feed the Sea Lions: And the monkeys sat on our car: And the lions wandered right beside us: And all of the giraffes congregated for us: And we could feed the birds: As well as the deer: It was definitely the most interactive zoo experience I’ve had in a long time, though part of that is perhaps symptomatic of … Continue reading Longleat


July 29th 2022 Today I had a nice lunch and afternoon at the pub with my work family, and then a nice evening having a BBQ with my real family. All in all, I’ve eaten far too much today. I’ve had pizza, steak, burgers, chicken, potatoes, cheese, halloumi, halloumi, halloumi. You’ve heard of the meat sweats, let me introduce you to the meat sleeps. Until tomorrow, night. Jacn Continue reading Sleeps


July 28th 2022 Today I’m thinking that it’s weird how quickly your perception of things can change even if the facts haven’t. Yesterday I was stressed about many things in my life. Today I’m chill. Nothing changed. I still don’t know what job I’ll have in a month. I still don’t know where I’ll be living. I still don’t know who I’ll be living with, but I feel more positive about it all. And that’s not based off anything. It’s just a new day, and a new mindset. It’s still just as likely that I’ll wake up tomorrow and feel … Continue reading Perception


July 26th 2022 Today I struggled to concentrate after two straight nights of barely any sleep. It was just very difficult to function, focus, or, quite frankly, give a fuck. I spent most of my day just moaning. Sorry if you had to talk to me today. I had planned to get an early night, but here we are. Until tomorrow, night, hopefully. Jacn Continue reading Frankly


July 25th 2022 Today operation austerity is making me hungry. I’m like weeks away from transferring basically all of the money I have to a solicitor so they can pay a deposit on a house for me, so I’m forcing myself to eat like a broke ass bitch. Don’t get me wrong, I have the money, I just find that if I don’t really force myself to save it then I won’t. So I’m being frugal af. I’m skipping breakfast and and eating it for lunch instead. I had pasta and a tin of tomatoes for dinner. I’m chugging litres … Continue reading Austerity


July 24th 2022 Today was the longest round of golf I’ve played in a while. It took two of us almost 5 hours to get around 18 holes. Usually that would take us just over three, but today apparently every man and his dog felt like playing golf — in one case, literally, as one four ball in front of us did have a dog with them. On every tee box we would sit and wait for 5 minutes. It’s not that the people in front of us were slow, it’s just that everyone was slow. When your round is … Continue reading Fractured


July 23rd 2022 Today I’ve had this weird sense of anxious dread all day. I’m slightly concerned that I might have disgraced myself in some way at my work summer party last night. I got horrendously drunk, and don’t remember much of it. I don’t think I did anything particularly bad, but I can’t shake this feeling of unease. I also have no idea why I woke up to an Uber receipt. Why did I get an Uber? Where did I get an Uber to? I know we were in 2 Pigs, but we got a taxi there from the … Continue reading Disgraced


July 22nd 2022 Today was our work summer party. Manor by the lake. I had perhaps too much booze before we got there. That was always going to happen. Somehow, the free bar was not enough, and we went out afterwards. To Lounge, then to Two Pigs. Ross disappeared. If anyone finds him, let us know. Somehow everyone else congregated in Two Pigs. Rocker as fuck. That is all. Until tomorrow, when this first started it was just Linkin Park. Jacn Continue reading Linkin