July 4th 2022

Today I had some mild inconveniences. Some minor annoyances. They were these:

  • The summer weather means that the water that comes out of my tap never comes out cold enough for it to be nice to drink. Cold water hits different and I’m being deprived of that.
  • I ate far too much aglio y olio for lunch and got super sleepy in the afternoon.
  • I’ve just put fresh sheets on my bed but the washing machine seems to have swallowed one of my pillow cases as there’s one missing.

That’s it. That’s the small stuff. There’s also all the big stuff, with work and love and life, but I think it’s better if I just write about pillowcases.

Speaking of work, writing the date at the top of this blog reminded me that I’ve worked for my company for six years now. That’s quite a long time. That’s a really long time.

I always remember it because it’s Independence Day and there’s something poetic about the fact that that was the day on which I started my career. I don’t know if that’s poetic. I don’t know if it’s even relevant. It’s just memorable, at least.

Until tomorrow, I need to buy some yum Yums.


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