July 5th 2022

Today, and this is a verbatim quote “that was the best steak I’ve ever eaten”. And that girl has eaten a lot of steak. And I cooked that steak which, I will remind you, she said was “the best steak I’ve ever eaten.”

I didn’t get the mid-meal cross section, so from that photo it doesn’t look as good as it was, but believe me when I say that that steak was perfectly cooked. It was basically blue. You may disagree that blue is perfectly cooked. We don’t.

I wish I got the cross section, but then again, I did not want to waste a single moment which I could have been spending those moments eaten that steak.

For future reference. Fillet. Let it sit salted on the side for 30 mins. Ripping hot pan. Two minutes each side. Baste with garlic and butter for the final thirty seconds. Put under foil for as long as you can bear not eating it for.

Serve with whatever the fuck you want because does it even matter.

Until tomorrow, the best she’s ever eaten.


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