July 9th 2022 Today there was absolutely zero chance of us going back to back. I got like an hour’s sleep last night, and woke up super early. Duff is here for the weekend and we had a big night out yesterday, so we needed something more wholesome today. This afternoon we just wandered around town, enjoying the fact it was bright and warm. We had lunch in a beer garden, and the beer didn’t go down well. Then I needed to go home for a nap. That was already too much excitement for me. Then we went back out … Continue reading Bosco


July 8th 2022 Today I am very surprised Duff made it to Jim’s housewarming. He was in Portugal like 8 hours ago. Somehow we made a night of it though. There was an unwritten rule to only have one drink in each place before moving on. I don’t remember how many drinks. Or how many places. I do remember that John Gordon’s was awful and that I’m never going there again though. Until tomorrow, boo. Jacn Continue reading Gordons