July 9th 2022

Today there was absolutely zero chance of us going back to back. I got like an hour’s sleep last night, and woke up super early. Duff is here for the weekend and we had a big night out yesterday, so we needed something more wholesome today.

This afternoon we just wandered around town, enjoying the fact it was bright and warm. We had lunch in a beer garden, and the beer didn’t go down well.

Then I needed to go home for a nap. That was already too much excitement for me.

Then we went back out for a wander, and we sat in Montpellier gardens with an ice cream and listened to some live music in the park. That was a nice place to be.

Then we headed for dinner at a new pizza place called Bosco. It was good. The beer didn’t go down well.

It was nice, because usually we never do the second day. Any time we do a night out everyone leaves first thing the next morning, but we actually made the most of today (as best we could).

Jim wanted to go out again tonight but that absolutely was not going to happen.

Until tomorrow, sorry Jim.


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