July 13th 2022

Today I tried to get my life in order. Or at least my work life. Which is like at least half of my life.

I’m going to start attempting a method of time-management/productivity called “Mise-En-Place” which is a pretty wanky name but there we are.

Mise en place in a culinary sense is all of the preparation you do before cooking a meal. Break down the recipe into its ingredients, and prepare them. Chop your vegetables. Get your tools out. Assemble your spices. Preheat your oven. It’s all the preparation you need to do before starting.

The idea is that before starting on the large task, you get all the little bits lined up.

And that’s the same theory when it comes to work.

Instead of just looking at a recipe (or a project) and thinking “where the fuck do I start”, you break it down into much more manageable pieces, and get everything prepared, so that when you start your project, you don’t have to stop cooking and go look for the Ras El Hanout which you were sure you left in the spice drawer but maybe for some reason it’s in the fridge oh no it’s not there shit I’ve burnt the chicken.

You see?

And so hopefully this approach will make me a more productive, more organised person.

Until tomorrow, I just need to stick to it.


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