July 18th 2022

Today I had the exact kind of dog chat that I’m going to dread when I get a dog.

“Oh he’s so cute. How old is he?”

“What breed is he?”

“What’s his name?”

I know the answer to all of those questions, I just really cba to have that conversation. It’s just shitty stocking filler. I know why I hate it, but I don’t know why I’m so bad at it.

Generally, I avoided talking to strangers. I can’t do it. I can chat absolute rice to anyone I know, but introduce me to a stranger and i won’t look them in the eye and I will barely say a word.

Unless I’m the right level of drunk. Two beers? I’m fine. Three beers? Pushing it. Four beers? Quiet as a door mouse.

Again, not sure why.

Until tomorrow, I should probably change that about myself.


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