July 19th 2022

Today I almost officially bought a house. I signed some papers which say that I totally definitely absolutely want to buy this specific house. That’s pretty formal like.

My solicitor has gone cold on me over the last month, and hasn’t been responding to emails or voicemails from me or the estate agent. And so we went a bit Karen. We went all “I’d like to speak to your manager”, which makes me feel grim.

I like to believe that if you’re nice to people they’ll want to do stuff for you. But annoyingly on this occasion being a dick worked out. Because as soon as we spoke to his manager suddenly he’s replying to emails again, and sent me everything to sign.

I’m mad that being mad worked, because that like validates that as an option. Be nice to people, people.

But alas, it did work. And we have progress. Big, scary, expensive, terrifying, enormous progress.



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