July 23rd 2022 Today I’ve had this weird sense of anxious dread all day. I’m slightly concerned that I might have disgraced myself in some way at my work summer party last night. I got horrendously drunk, and don’t remember much of it. I don’t think I did anything particularly bad, but I can’t shake this feeling of unease. I also have no idea why I woke up to an Uber receipt. Why did I get an Uber? Where did I get an Uber to? I know we were in 2 Pigs, but we got a taxi there from the … Continue reading Disgraced


July 22nd 2022 Today was our work summer party. Manor by the lake. I had perhaps too much booze before we got there. That was always going to happen. Somehow, the free bar was not enough, and we went out afterwards. To Lounge, then to Two Pigs. Ross disappeared. If anyone finds him, let us know. Somehow everyone else congregated in Two Pigs. Rocker as fuck. That is all. Until tomorrow, when this first started it was just Linkin Park. Jacn Continue reading Linkin