July 23rd 2022

Today I’ve had this weird sense of anxious dread all day. I’m slightly concerned that I might have disgraced myself in some way at my work summer party last night.

I got horrendously drunk, and don’t remember much of it. I don’t think I did anything particularly bad, but I can’t shake this feeling of unease.

I also have no idea why I woke up to an Uber receipt. Why did I get an Uber? Where did I get an Uber to? I know we were in 2 Pigs, but we got a taxi there from the venue and it was already paid for. I have no idea where we got an Uber to for £12.

Hence the dread.

I know I threw up, but that’s pretty standard practice for me.

No one has text me telling me I’d done anything wrong. That’s probably a good sign.

Until tomorrow, or everyone is ignoring me.


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