July 24th 2022

Today was the longest round of golf I’ve played in a while. It took two of us almost 5 hours to get around 18 holes. Usually that would take us just over three, but today apparently every man and his dog felt like playing golf — in one case, literally, as one four ball in front of us did have a dog with them.

On every tee box we would sit and wait for 5 minutes. It’s not that the people in front of us were slow, it’s just that everyone was slow.

When your round is fractured like that it’s really hard to get into any kind of rhythm, which is what I put my poor score down to at least. That said, I actually played quite well tee to Green I just wasted all my good chips on the practice green before the round so had none left in my locker when it mattered. See also: putting.

It’s still a good way to spend the afternoon though, even if it did take forever.

Until tomorrow, fore left.


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