July 25th 2022

Today operation austerity is making me hungry. I’m like weeks away from transferring basically all of the money I have to a solicitor so they can pay a deposit on a house for me, so I’m forcing myself to eat like a broke ass bitch.

Don’t get me wrong, I have the money, I just find that if I don’t really force myself to save it then I won’t. So I’m being frugal af.

I’m skipping breakfast and and eating it for lunch instead. I had pasta and a tin of tomatoes for dinner. I’m chugging litres water because idk maybe it will fill me up? Unsure.

It’s been pointed out to me that vegetables are not expensive so I may start to add vegetables into my diet soon. I don’t eat meat anymore though. Meat is for kings. I do eat eggs though. A lot of eggs. I can make an three egg omelette for lunch and that costs me like 36p. Bargain.

Parents, family: I am okay. See my usual disclaimer about “dramatic effect, poetic license” etc.

You know what is fucking expensive? Fuel. I put £10 of fuel in my car yesterday and the thingy which says how much further you can drive on the fuel you have left (it probably has a real name) went up by 30 miles. 30 miles for £10 is, like, 33p a mile. That’s a lot. I need to drive to and from work four times this week.

Maybe I should run there. Running is free.

Until tomorrow, ahhhhhhhhhh.


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