July 31st 2022

Today was another lovely day. I’ve had a good weekend.

We were supposed to be playing golf, but it was a bit rainy so we went to play snooker instead.

Dad won all three games. Show off.

In the mid-afternoon I mostly just napped because for some reason I’m tired all the time now, and can never sleep. At some point I’ll start worrying about that but not right now.

Then I just played in the garden with my niece. She is at an absolutely precious age where everything she says and does is adorable to me.

We were playing football in the garden and I was barefoot and she said we had to use the softer ball because the other one was too heavy for me without shoes.

She then refused to admit that it was raining because she knows that means it was time to go inside, and she didn’t want to. So she stood at her kitchen play set and made me “eggs and beans on toast” but wouldn’t let me eat it with an imaginary knife and fork.

She is so precious. I love her so much.

Then, we watched the Lionesses win the European Championship.

Sophia is going to play for England one day, if I’ve got anything to do with it. She didn’t watch the match because she was more interested in being outside playing football (which bodes well, I think).

That match was pretty special though, and it made me very proud.

Until tomorrow, it’s come home.


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