August 4th 2022

Today I played the single best golf hole of my life. See if you can spot it:

It’s the green one. An Eagle!

I don’t remember the last time I made an eagle. I imagine that if I had done I’d’ve written about it, and I’ve never written about it on this blog so it can’t have been in the last 7 years.

And it wasn’t just an eagle. It was a perfect eagle. I slapped a driver about 310 downhill, and then hit the best 9 iron of my life from 160 yards to within 3 feet. At that point I was trying my best not to think about the fact it was an eagle putt. I had a long time to look at it because Dan was fucking about, and the more I looked at it the more terrified I got of missing it.

I wasn’t thinking about how good it would be to make the putt. I was thinking about how bad it would be to miss it. That probably says something about me that I’m not willing to dig into.

But I made it. Centre of the cup. It was a much easier putt than I’d made it out to be, so eagles don’t come much cleaner than that. Drive. Iron. Putt. Didn’t even need a wedge.

Naturally, I lost the next three holes, but I didn’t shut up about the eagle for the rest of the round.

Until tomorrow, and I birdied the last.


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