February 17th 2019 Today I made my return to golf after a month off. I usually play golf at least every Sunday morning, but for the last month I’ve been too hungover on Sunday mornings to even consider getting out of bed on time. Sometimes I don’t even make it home in time. (That makes it sound like I’m on all-night benders, when in reality I just tend to end up staying overnight in places like Bath or Oxford or Bristol and not making it back to Swindon on time) Anyway. Somehow, a month off golf made me a better … Continue reading Birdie


February 15th 2019 Today we went on a night out in Shoreditch. It was difficult to get an Uber home somehow. Nobody wanted to drive us. We started at a house party in Limehouse, then went to a club Shoreditch, now are trying to get back to Stratford. Uber wants to say that it’s 10 minutes for them to get here, so we’ll pretend that’s accurate. Okay it was accurate. They weren’t lying. We’re in an Uber now. It’s hometime. Until tomorrow, good night London. Jacn Continue reading Limehouse