November 13th 2019 Today I’m really struggling to ‘break up’ with someone. The inverted commas are because it’s not really a relationship, we’ve just been dating for a little while and I’m not really feeling it any more. That’s a normal, reasonable… reason, but for some reason I cannot word it like that to her. In my year-or-so in the ‘dating’ world (lots of air quotes in play tonight) I’ve usually let things continue until the other person calls it off which, so far, I’ve had a 100% success rate at. (and that’s a less depressing way of saying that … Continue reading Unsuccessful


November 11th 2019 Today my friend set me a challenge to stop accepting fliers that are handed to me by people I walk past in the street. We were playing this kind of question and answer game, and one of the questions on the sheet was “Do you find it hard to say no to people?” and I find it incredibly difficult to say no to people. I told a story about this one time when I was in a shopping centre in Brighton and this man with a clipboard looked at me and asked me if I could spare … Continue reading No


November 10th 2019 Today I just wrote out this whole thing about an ethical dilemma I’m having, but I decided it was oversharing so deleted it all. And I know that this blog is not for sharing, and that it should be written as if no one is reading, but people are reading. And the issue is that the dilemma is not only about me, and I’d feel weird talking about someone else’s dilemma. Or maybe the other person isn’t having a dilemma, I haven’t really asked, I’ve just been thinking about how I feel about it. And I’m being … Continue reading Dilemma