January 15th 2021 Today I was supposed to bake flapjacks but I had a much better time staying in bed instead. I got all the ingredients I needed, spent far too much money in the health food aisle of Waitrose, but then got back home and realised I’d much prefer getting back into bed. So I did that. And it felt great. Flapjacks can wait. Bed was cosy and comfortable. Until tomorrow, maybe I’ll bake tomorrow. Jacn Continue reading Cosy


January 14th 2021 Today I’ve had a cassoulet and a bottle of wine. That’s made me feel better. It’s a lot like a Friday, but on a Thursday. It’s also made me feel a bit French. Cassoulet takes an absolute age to cook, but by the time it was done it was worth it. Duck and sausage. Two meats! The dream. Red wine seemed appropriate, but white wine tasted better. Also I tried to be the kind of person who drinks Whiskey. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it. Which is a middling opinion to have. Until tomorrow, … Continue reading Cassoulet


January 13th 2021 Today the Sky engineers came to fit my SkyQ box, except because of covid they weren’t allowed to enter my flat. And because of covid, they weren’t allowed to even enter the building. So when they got here they said “we could coach you through the setup process and you install it yourself” but I feel like that kind of defeats the object of paying £30 to have them come out and install it for me. And so, I kind of just sent them away. It’s not their fault. It’s not really even Sky’s fault. I said … Continue reading Sky


January 12th 2021 Today I think I need to start eating more flapjacks. People keep saying I look unwell because I’m skinny. And yes I’m skinny, because I run every day okay. I eat well. I have three cooked meals a day. I just don’t eat much outside of those meals. That’s mostly because I don’t like to snack. Like four days ago I wrote a blog post about how I devoured an entire tub of celebrations in a couple days — and that’s only because it’s there. So I don’t keep snacks or junk food in the flat, because … Continue reading Flapjack


January 11th 2021 Today I’m tired because last night I told myself I’d go to bed the next time I lost a chess game, but then I won like 12 in a row and suddenly it was 4am. I’m a bit obsessed. It’s probably not particularly healthy. My screen time is up, which is bad, but also it’s like not a terrible time sink like some things I’ve gotten addicted to in the past. It’s definitely better than Twitter. I went from 830 elo (my rating) to 990 in like 4 hours, which is pretty good, but when you first … Continue reading Elo


January 10th 2021 Today I actually won a quiz. Yeah, we’ve come full circle and are back on the ‘zoom quiz’ stage of lockdown. In the last lockdown, I lost a few in a row, and it’s probably 6 quizzes total since I last won. I was 17 points clear going into the last round, and let me tell you, I was still not confident. The last round of our quizzes is always a ‘name as much as you can’ round, where you’re given a subject and have 3 minutes to list as many answers as you can. For example, … Continue reading Counties


January 9th 2021 Today I finally finished the tin of Celebrations that’s been haunting me since Christmas. It haunts me because I am incapable of not eating 10 at a time. And I trust my best to avoid sugary snacks, but I can’t help it. If I’ve got something like that in the flat, then I am going to eat it. And I have been. It’s got so desperate, I even like Bounty now. just because it’s there, more than anything. I eat too many of them, and then I start to feel a bit woozy. And it’s not great … Continue reading Bounty


January 7th 2021 Today the world kept annoying me. At one point I curled up in my bed in the fetal position, with my headphones on and my music loud, because I just wanted to be in a different world for a bit. The news is depressing. Work is depressing. Life is hard. It’s just a really shit time for the planet, innit. Like there’s a load of political and cultural stuff happening, and I don’t feel even slightly qualified to talk about it, but the world is just a flaming dumpster fire, and every time I check my phone, … Continue reading World


January 6th 2021 Today I physically watched myself suppress my emotions. That’s like a really unhealthy habit to get into, because it’s probably better to actually feel the thing rather than just pretend it’s not there. It manifested itself in a nervous tick, and caused me to just repeatedly bounce the heel of my right foot against the dorsal of my left foot. I don’t know if ‘dorsal’ is the correct word, I didn’t put much effort into Googling it. For any football fans amongst you, think ‘laces’. Though I guess you don’t have to be a football fan to … Continue reading Laces