August 22nd 2019 Today I agreed to a 14 mile run around the Brecon beacons. This is ambitious because I’ve been on one run in the last two months, and that was yesterday. The Brecon run is in like 3 weeks, and it’s four days after I come back from a #lads #holiday so I’m hardly going to be prepared. Also, because the Brecon beacons are, like, mountains or some shit, there’s going to be a lot of elevation involved. It’s well over a 1000 metres of elevation all in. I am kinda looking forward to it though, if only … Continue reading Hike


August 19th 2019 Today I am completely carless. And even more carless than I was yesterday. Three, maybe four weekends ago I was in a minor car accident that required my car to be fitted with a new bumper. Two, maybe three weeks ago I gave my car to a garage for it to be repaired. Since then, I’ve been driving round in a courtesy car. Yeah, that was two weeks ago, actually. Which means the other one was three weeks ago. Anyway. I got a call today saying that my car was finally repaired, and ready to be picked … Continue reading Carless


August 17th 2019 Today was Laura’s birthday party. After which we ended up in old town. The Old Town bit was more depressing than it was enjoyable. For reasons I won’t go in to. For one, because I don’t want to. And for two, because I shouldn’t. I just don’t know what I’m doing. And I don’t know what the point is. RE: dating, by the way. It’s left me very lost. And it shouldn’t. But it has. It’s harder than it should be. And here I am. Making no sense at all while sat on the stairs. What a … Continue reading Stairs


August 16th 2019 Today I got halfway to work and had the sudden sinking feeling that I’d left the stove on. I’d made fried eggs for breakfast, and even though I was 100% sure that I had remembered to turn off the stove, as soon as that thought was in my mind I had to go back and check. And so I did. I turned round at the next available junction and drove all the way home. I knew that because I’d thought about it once, that if I didn’t go to check then I’d not be able to go … Continue reading Stove