May 5th 2021 Today I’m making a conscious effort to manifest things with the way that I speak. Instead of saying “want to” “could do” “might”, I’m saying “will do” “can do” “are”. And stuff. I don’t know. There’s a lot of uncertainty in my life at the moment, and speaking uncertainly is not helping. So I’m trying to speak with purpose, and manifest what I want to happen into what will happen. We’ll see how that goes. I went on a date with a girl once who told me that the best way to manifest things in life is … Continue reading Manifest


May 4th 2021 Today I used vodka as a mixer. We were on our semi-weekly movie club call, and everyone else was pretty waved and I was beginning to feel pretty left out so I went to get a drink. In my fridge I had vodka and elderflower liquer leftover from my last cocktail making swag, but I didn’t have any juice to mix it with. For the first drink I just had elderflower liquer over ice, but it tasted so sweet that for the next drink I diluted it with vodka. That’s definitely an idea. Whether or not it … Continue reading Mixer


May 1st 2021 Today we queued for a solid two hours to get into 131. We ended up with literally the worst table in the whole gaff, and then waited another 30 minutes for our drinks. Was it worth it though? Absolutely. When we got our drinks the night went up hill. We double parked every single round because we didn’t know when we might get another chance to order a drink. I probably had more beer than I would’ve liked, but only because cocktails would’ve gone down too quick. And yes, I snuck in some truffle fries while I … Continue reading Gaff


April 30th 2021 Today I tried my best to order sushi. The first place closed at 9pm. The second place called to say they didn’t have any sushi rice. after that, what was I supposed to do? I think by that point you must just accept that there’s no sushi. Until tomorrow, maybe next time. Jacn Continue reading Sushi


April 29th 2021 Today, does anyone wanna take the day off work to play golf with me tomorrow? It’s a bit of a dead week, it’s a bank holiday weekend, and I have 7 days of annual leave to use before the end of May. Go on. You know you want to. Honestly, I had been planning on doing it, but I don’t know anyone round here who plays golf, and anyway I’ve definitely left it too late to book a round. Everyone and their dog is gonna be on the course over this weekend. And to that I’d say… … Continue reading Pointless


April 28th 2021 Today, I know this blog is getting boring for you. It’s getting boring for me too. There are very rarely interesting things that I can write about, and as such there are very rarely interesting things for you to read about. Maybe one day soon I’ll have the energy to tell stories. Maybe one day soon I’ll have some stories to tell. Maybe one day soon I’ll be able to tell you the stories I’ve always avoided. But for now, you’re just gonna have to put up with whatever shit I put out every night. Because this … Continue reading Happening


April 27th 2021 Today I considered putting a scoop of Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough Ice Cream into my bowl of porridge. I didn’t do it, but now that I’m discussing it here, I kind of wish I had. Like, I know it’s not a thing, but I’m really struggling to picture why it couldn’t be a thing. Like… it could, right? Oats? Good. Milk? Good. Ice cream? Good. Cookie dough? Good. I feel like if you mixed it all together you kind of get a flapjack anyway, and flapjacks are a thing. Also, ice cream is just like cold … Continue reading Scoop