August 3rd 2020 Today was kind of my first day in a new role at work. For a while now I’ve been having conversations with my boss and my boss’s boss about the potential to transition into a new role with a bit more responsibility, and accountability — one that will allow me to really focus and take ownership of one area of the business. My new role takes me away from content marketing and SEO, and into a more direct form of online sales. My job title is ‘Customer Sales Manager’, and I’ll be responsible for growing the value … Continue reading Boss


August 1st 2020 Today I made it to London in the end. I just about made it in time to Camden for the cup final, but I had to watch it on my phone at a sushi bar because we hadn’t really thought it through, as ever. For once, we did get food. Usually my trips to London result in a Sainsbury’s meal deal for dinner and nothing else. But I did get some food this time: Until tomorrow, bottled Asahi is much worse than on tap. Jacn Continue reading Camden


July 31st 2020 Today I should be on a train to London because the train to London at 8am tomorrow morning DIDNT seem like an appropriate thing to do. Woah caps. I’m supposed to be there tomorrow lunchtime. But the 8am train turned into a bus and let’s be honest that wasn’t going to happen. Nor apparently was the 9pm train tonight. It was ambitious but I’ve already paid for it. Until tomorrow, tomorrow’s problem is tomorrow’s problem. Jacn Continue reading Caps


July 30th 2020 Today I think I’m going to have an early night to prepare for what is going to be a weekend of little sleep, and lots of alcohol. I’m going into work tomorrow, and then disappearing to the pub at midday and will not be seen for the rest of the day. I’m getting the train in, and the train back, which usually means it’s not going to go well. Or go really well, depending on which way you look at it. I somehow have to wake up early enough to go for a run before I get … Continue reading Wake


July 29th 2020 Today it was back to the regularly scheduled programming of going out for lunch and then drinks after work and then figuring out the rest of the evening from there. Just like it used to be pre-Covid. We had a fancyish groupish lunch and then later went for drinks because, well, because Wednesday, and then I got a taxi home because driving didn’t seem appropriate after that many Asahi. And so here we are. Is this okay? It is legal. Until tomorrow, is this okay? Jacn Continue reading Pre