October 17th 2021 Today I know I promised you a comprehensive review of my weekend in Newcastle, but I think it’s just going to be a hensive one. Yes I know that isn’t how that word works. Newcastle is far. We left at 10am and I got back to my flat at 16:30. It is a lot of miles. Many many miles. And, well… Newcastle the city is not worth the trip. There is nothing special about Newcastle. It’s not particularly interesting, or pretty. It’s not as cheap as you think it is. Or as big. There is no good … Continue reading Process


October 15th 2021 Today I drove (slash was driven) all the way to Newcastle and went to one of the weirdest clubs I’ve ever been to. The music was Spanish Techno. I think it’s technically called Makina. I don’t know what makes it Spanish, but it definitely wasn’t the language. It was basically trancey electronic music as a backing track, with an MC singing/rapping/shouting along to the song at 180 beats per minute. It was intense. The beat was so fast. I couldn’t keep up. Every thirty minutes or so you had to take a sit down in the smoking … Continue reading Newcastle


October 14th 2021 Today I’m just going to spam the word-predictor button on the iPhone keyboard and see where we end up. I don’t want to use my own words so I’ll let the keyboard type this blog for me. Ahem: Today I had the end of the month and it went down for the last night and I didn’t even know what about it yet I was going to call it again today but I think 💭 is doing well and then we are looking for something to look forward in a bit too babe love. Okay okay I … Continue reading Predictor


October 12th 2021 Today I went for a run again for the first time since August. Since I stopped running every day I’ve just not had any kind of motivation to run. Plot twist: I still don’t. It was nice to be back out with a group again. I went on my lunchbreak with some work people. We used to do a lot of group runs, before the pandemic happened and we didn’t see each other any more, so if those are going to start up again then maybe I will too. Today though, I felt really unwell on the … Continue reading Glorious


October 10th 2021 Today I am perplexed by something. It’s quite a simple something. It’s not some convoluted equation, or a complicated problem. It’s more of just a musing, really. My musing is this: How does there exist people on this planet who prefer to eat a Sunday Roast at lunchtime? I ask, as I ate a Sunday Roast at 1pm today and I am very confused as to whether I am now supposed to cook myself dinner or not. Like, I already had dinner. It was just at lunchtime. And don’t you come at me with the “But it’s … Continue reading Lunchtime


October 9th 2021 Today I discovered that 9pm is a terrible time to have coffee. Who’da thunk it? My issue was with routine. See, by the time I’d got back from golf it was like 4pm, which meant I had lunch like 4 hours later than I normally would. And usually 2 hours after I have lunch I’ll have a coffee. I am pretty consistent with this. I have a black coffee at 9am and a Flat White at 2pm. I’ve been consistent with this basically every work day for as long as I can remember. Routine keeps my day … Continue reading Thunk