August 15th 2022 Today I completed on my house purchase and moved mostly into my first proper home. A home that I bought with mostly my own money. It’s a good day. It doesn’t feel like that much of a good day because this morning was just a lot of waiting around, and this afternoon was exhausting and frantic with all the moving of boxes and most of the furniture, but it’s a good day. Here’s a hint for you. If and when you buy a house, if you’ve not already done so, don’t bother booking the morning off work. … Continue reading Keys


August 14th 2022 Today I shot a new personal best round of golf. 82 on a 70. 12 over par. Progress. It was also perhaps the warmest I’ve ever been on a golf course, and I slept through my tee time and arrived twenty minutes late, so I was not in any way warmed up. Maybe that’s the trick. I got like two hours sleep last night (cuz heat and thought spirals), so I was exhausted, unprepared, and late, and I shot 12 over. Maybe I’ll try that again next time. Hashtag break eighty is happening this year. I’m three … Continue reading Unprepared


August 13th 2022 Today felt like a send off to my flat. For the first time the fact that I’m moving out on Monday started to feel a bit real. Maybe to do with the fact that I packed everything I own into boxes, and cleared out the stuff I didn’t want. It had a send of finality about it, that’s for sure. And so, all my stuff is in boxes. Even the plates and the forks, so we ordered a filthy takeaway to celebrate, and ate it out of the boxes. Dirty Boys. I can confirm it was very … Continue reading Cleared


August 12th 2022 Today I have a few things… First, I know I’m not the smartest bloke when it comes to earth sciences, but can someone explain to me how it gets hotter the longer the day goes on? And I don’t mean like 2pm is hotter than 10am because yeah no shit, but somehow 10pm is hotter than 2pm. I’m sweating my **** off here. I don’t usually censor but I can’t cope with the lecture from my dad in this heat. Second, it turns out I have a B12 deficiency and need to get injection every other day … Continue reading Injections


August 11th 2022 Today was my second gym class of my trial week. It was a legs session today. I enjoyed it because I didn’t find it too difficult, but the fact that I didn’t find it difficult probably means that I didn’t try hard enough. That’s the problem I’m having atm. Because we go around a circuit doing different exercises, and the exercises are new to me and so are the weights, I have basically zero idea what weight I’m supposed to pick up. So I’m by default going low so as not to overexert myself but tonight I’ve … Continue reading Squats


August 10th 2022 Today I’ve got the day two DOMS. Have I mentioned that I go to the gym now? Or rather, I’ve been to the gym once. I’m telling everyone, so I imagine I’ve told you lot. Anyway. When I woke up yesterday I was expecting to hurt a lot more than I did, and so I felt guilty that I’d not tried hard enough. But oh buddy does it hurt today. So I guess I did try! So that’s good. I have another class tomorrow. Until tomorrow, not sure how I’ll manage right now. Jacn Continue reading Doms


August 9th 2022 Today was day two of my week of workouts. I probably can’t get away with calling a round of golf a workout but it’s alliterative so fuck you. I usually play golf on Thursday evenings but on Thursday this week I’m off for another gym class (heroes)/resistance training session. I did one of those yesterday, too, but for cardio. I played golf today. I’ll play football tomorrow. I’ll be at the resistance training session on Thursday. I’ll be at a hybrid resistance/cardio session on Friday. I’ll maybe probably kinda potentially do park run on Saturday. I’ll play … Continue reading Workout


August 8th 2022 Today I went to the gym. Jim’s gym. My best friend is a personal trainer, his name is Jim, and he works at a gym. Do you see what I did there? Anyway he finally convinced me to go to one of his classes. It was a 45 minute cardio session. There’s probably a more accurate name for it but I am not from that world, as any of you who have ever seen me in real life would be able to tell. The only gymwork I’ve ever done was at university, when I’d go a couple … Continue reading Gym


August 7th 2022 Today I think I’m going to start living again. I’ve been a bit of a shut in recently as I’ve been saving for my house, so I’ve just avoided doing anything or spending anything or really just existing in any positive ways. And doing that has kinda fucked with both my mental and physical health slightly, but I should probably get out more and eat better and live properly. I move in to my house next Monday. It’s still an expensive time, and I’m not saying I’m gonna go fuck off on holiday immediately, but for most … Continue reading Living


August 6th 2022 Today I didn’t do much. I woke up horrendously hungover, so spent the first part of the day trying not to throw up. Or stand up. Or eat. It wasn’t fun. I’m at this weird part of my life now where my body actually reacts to the stuff I do to it. Like I still couldn’t put on weight if I tried, but the stuff I eat and drink definitely has an impact on my general mood, energy, and wellbeing. Who knew. Anyway for dinner I had steak, kale, and broccoli. I think that’s covering a lot … Continue reading Kale