June 18th 2021 Today I went all the way to Liverpool to watch England grind out a 0-0 against Scotland. like, it wasn’t the only reason I came here but I could have done with at least one goal to celebrate. Even if it was gonna be a draw, just one goal to celebrate amongst a load of drunk England fans in the pub would have been ideal. But there was no goal to celebrate. There was not even a goal to not celebrate. It was 0-0. Imagine the scenes had it been 2-0. Or 3-1. Or 2-1. Ffs England. … Continue reading Liverpool


June 16th 2021 Today I’ve bottled the third course after fretting about it for an hour. The first course was fine. It was sushi. It was already made. I just put it on a plate and made it look pretty: The second course was only slightly more difficult. It was gyoza. At least I actually had to cook that course. The third course I think there was just too much going on for me to handle. I did like all the trimmings. Pickled carrots. Pickled radishes. Sugar snaps. Duck. It was mostly the duck that was the issue. Jamie said … Continue reading Recook


June 15th 2021 Today I just can’t stop myself spending money on food. I went into the office today and swore to myself that I’d just buy a cheap sandwich or something to get me through the day, but then I ended up spending £25 on lunch and £132 on dinner. I just can’t help myself. I like fun too much. And I like lamb too much. Like, look: Is that lamb by itself worth £132? No. But am I glad I did it? Fuck yeah. It was a perfect dinner. We had Camembert and Greek salad starter, and then … Continue reading Langton


June 14th 2021 Today apparently I’m old enough for two day hangovers. I was accused of being middle aged because I’m still feeling shit from Saturday night. I think I refuse to believe that, but it also could be true. For most of the day I felt terrible, and then I had hair of the dog a solid 48 hours after I’d stopped drinking, and now I’m mostly just tired. Until tomorrow, sleep it off. Jacn Continue reading Aged


June 13th 2021 Today I really really really really really really really really really really really really really really rely really really really really really really didn’t want to go for a run. And honestly I mostly just typed that many reallys as a way to pad out the word count because I can’t be bothered. But be honest with yourself, you didn’t even read every really did you? You didn’t even notice that one of the reallys was misspelled. And now you’ve just gone back to check. And now you just exhaled a bit of air out of your … Continue reading Really


June 12th 2021 Today I got to explore the lesser known parts of Cheltenham. They are probably known to some people, but they are not known to me. And by that I mean that I visited four new pubs. Potentially four. Possibly three. I think it was three. Finally Spence and I got to do a Cheltenham pub crawl, a year and a half after we moved here. I tried to scoot to the pub but it turned out to be more hassle than it was worth, so I just walked. It was far. All four, or three, of the … Continue reading Lesser


June 11th 2021 Today one of the new people in my team at work asked me why I’ve been working there for five years. And I guess I’ve never really asked myself that before. It’s quite a long time to stay with one company in this era, especially considering it was the first company I worked for post-Uni (not including the little-known family-run rustic Italian restaurant called Pizza Hut that I waited tables for). There have been times when I wanted to leave. There have been times when I almost have left. I’ve interviewed for and been offered two other … Continue reading Working


June 10th 2021 Today I had a job interview and it’s really hard to tell how I did. I had no opportunity to talk about any of the stuff I’d prepared, and instead the interview was more of a test. He asked some more practical questions than questions about my current work or my skillset. He asked some questions about what I would do to deliver the company more revenue if I got the job, and it’s kinda hard to answer that without knowing any real details about the company or how they operate. I know that mostly he was … Continue reading Televisions


June 9th 2021 Today I got the first dose of my Covid vaccine and found myself having an inexplicable affinity towards Bill Gates. And then I noticed a blacked out car starting to follow me home. I also hear a mysterious ticking noise* within my subconscious, I’m sure it’s nothing. *shout out you if you got that reference Nah but really, my only real side effect was that I did unexpectedly find myself wanting to tell people that I’d had my vaccine. It’s like a weird badge of honour. Except it’s not weird. It’s a good thing to be proud … Continue reading Vaccine