December 13th 2019 Today I’m fairly sure I’ve never used this word as a blog title before. Today is Friday. It’s the 13th. It’s the work winter party it’s the work Christmas party and it’s Friday the 13tb. We’ve been to the railway. And to the fire station. And now we’re at malmaion. I ain’t scared of Friday thirteenth. It’s a myth. Trust me. I should have had a room tonight but I’ve ended up in ross’ room. It’s not bad. There’s beer and there’s Pearl Jam. And that’s ok that matters. Until tomorrow, it’s such a beautiful day. Jacn Continue reading Triskaidekaphobia


December 12th 2019 Today I didn’t vote in the General Election. I know that I should have, and I would have if I was still living in Swindon, where my constituency is. But I moved to Cheltenham three days ago and didn’t have the foresight to get my polling card changed. I could have driven from work in Gloucester to vote in Swindon then back home to Cheltenham, but that seemed like extraneous effort for a token tactical vote in a constituency which will be overwhelmingly Conservative. And I know that’s bad. And I know that goes against democracy. But … Continue reading Constituency


December 11th 2019 Today I woke up still pretty tired. Even though my bed is super comfy, I’ve not been sleeping great in my new flat because I’m waking up in the middle of the night very confused about where I am, or the strange bed that I’m in. The full moon isn’t helping because it’s super bright outside during the night and I sleep with my curtains open so it lights up my room. It’ll take me a few days for my body/conscious to realise what is going on, but I’m hoping after that I’ll be able to sleep … Continue reading Snug