October 21st 2019 Today I had brownies for breakfast, Subway for lunch, and nothing for dinner. I also drove an hour into work and realised I hadn’t brought my laptop with me, then after work I cut up my leg playing football then watched Arsenal lose to Sheffield United. It was a bad day, and yet, as things go, comparably, it was a good day. Because I laughed, and I saw some friends, and I came home to people who asked me how my day was and cared about the answer. And that’s important. And it’s important to remember that. … Continue reading Comparably


October 18th 2019 Today I had that awkward moment of my card getting declined because there wasn’t enough money on it. Woops. I was getting a round of drinks in, and it was declined, and the waiter give me the look that I gave people when I was a waiter and their card was declined. Disappointment and judgement. I’d kind of forgotten about a couple of payments, and I’m still owed £300 in expenses from my work trip to London last week, and long story short there wasn’t enough money on the card. In the moment I worked it out … Continue reading Banking


October 17th 2019 Today I think I had dinner at the curry house in which my parents got engaged. It’s called Khyber now, but I don’t know what it was called back then. I don’t even know if that was even the right place, to be fair. But it’s definitely either that one or the one next door. Until tomorrow, remind me, Mum? Jacn Continue reading Khyber