January 13th 2019 Today I’m considering looking for a new job. And not because I don’t like my current job — because in fact it’s the opposite. I love my job, and I really want to be succesful at it, there are just circumstances outside of my control that dictate and restrict my ability to do that. Effectively, in order for us to be effective there are seemingly endless bureaucratic hoops through which we must jump. Until now, this hasn’t really affected me personally too much. But I knew it would come for me eventually. It’s part of working for … Continue reading Bureaucratic


January 11th 2020 Today was a tired, lazy Saturday because of an impromptu and unexpectedly large night out last night. Slowly, we’re experiencing Cheltenham properly after moving here a month ago. We now have a fully furnished flat, after picking up a new sofa yesterday, so we went out to celebrate. The social environment is one of the reasons I wanted to move to Cheltenham, and last night was the kind of night that I’d imagined. And then at 4am we wandered back to our flat. It’s great that everything is in walking distance. I’m really pleased that moving here … Continue reading Alternated


January 8th 2020 Today I was actually weirdly glad that my laptop decided to crash without warning and lose everything I’d worked on all afternoon. Even though it was annoying to have to re-do it all, and even though I felt like having a little cry when I checked my temporary files, autosaved files, and Excel’s auto recovery to no avail, having to re-do the spreadsheet I was working on taught me a way to do what I was doing quicker than I did it the first time. That was a long sentence. Bceause I was annoyed at myself for … Continue reading Rebuild


January 7th 2020 Today was a day of failed intentions. I intended to get up earlier to cook breakfast before I left for work, but really I skipped it to lay in bed. I intended to go for a run at lunch, but I skipped it because of the sideways rain. I intended not to go to the pub, but I had two pints. I intended to cook Sichuan-style pork & green bean stir-fry for dinner, but instead I cooked the egg bagel that I intended to cook for breakfast. So maybe I did deliver on my intention to cook … Continue reading Intentions