June 26th 2020 Today I was told that we’re not going back to work until September 1st. And that when we got back it will be with social distancing rules, and restrictions that will mean we can’t use the kitchens, coffee machines, or leave the building at all during the day. We’ll have to wipe down our desks three times a day, and take it in turns to walk in and out of the building. So really, we’re not going back to work at all. We’re going back to something that was never previously what work was like. Although having … Continue reading Restrictions


June 25th 2020 Today I had to wait until almost 9pm to go for my daily run. The reason for this was threefold: I was pretty hungover and needed time to recover. It was 31 degrees at midday. I had dominos for dinner and needed time to recover. It’s still about 28 degrees now, so I’m not sure I avoided the sun too well. Today was 53 consecutive days of running 5k, and today was the slowest of all 53. It took me over 30 minutes. I was tired and hungover and full of dominos okay. What it did prove, … Continue reading Threefold


June 20th 2020 Today I spent half my run dodge duck dip dive and dodging through the crowds of people at Cheltenham’s Pittville Park who have clearly had enough of lockdown. Or maybe lockdown has officially ended. How can you tell? I’ve run through that park every day for the last 48 days, so I’ve used it as a sort of barometer for the nation’s easing of the lockdown rules. I never actually ran through there before lockdown, so I don’t have a pre-covid sample to compare it to, but I would describe today’s crowd as: ‘busy’. I think lockdown … Continue reading Barometer


June 18th 2020 Today I think I broke a toe because I was taking a work quiz too seriously. There was a bonus round where you had to go and locate certain items from around the house, and when a pillow was called, I booked it to my bedroom so fast that that I stubbed my toe on the living room doorframe. When I made it back to my desk, pillow in hand, I’d already been beaten. I was taking it seriously, okay? I went into the bonus (and final) round in second place overall, and just one point behind … Continue reading Prized


June 17th 2020 Today I went to the osteopath to try and sort the jip my shoulder has been giving me for the last year. I’m sorry to anyone who doesn’t have a clue what ‘giving me jip’ means. The osteopath said that there is torsion in my shoulder, and it was probably triggered by ‘some heavy lifting, or gardening’. She’d clearly misread me. Because I’ve had the pain for so long, and because I’ve just ignored it for so long, it’ll take a while to feel better, she said, in the hope that I continue to give her £55 … Continue reading Jip