June 8th 2021 Today I had a completely pleasant experience at the doctor’s surgery. I’ve had this infected bite/lump thing on my neck for a couple of weeks and I’d usually just wait for it to go away, but this one was aggressive enough for me to think it was worthwhile going to a doctor about it. Usually I hate going to the doctors. I tend to think that I’m wasting their time with a superficial ailment that is not interesting or worrying to them at all. I tell you what though, the place was empty when I got there … Continue reading Doctors


June 7th 2021 Today the flat is a mess, I’ve eaten more Haribo than I have vegetables, I’m sleeping on a sheet-less bed because they haven’t dried in time, and I can’t remember whether I’ve brushed my teeth today or not. That said, I feel better than I have done for days. My brain is less foggy and I feel more sure of myself. So that’s good. Though I am two days away from being jabbed in the arm with the covid vaccine so I’m sure that will wipe me out again. It’s not particularly comfy in this bed without … Continue reading Haribo


June 6th 2021 Today I noticed I have a habit of talking to myself a fair bit. Actually I noticed it yesterday when I was playing golf I just forgot to mention it in my blog yesterday so here we are. Because I was by myself I was like commentating on my shots, or narrating the hole as I played it. That’s not an uncommon scenario for me. I’ll frequently say like “for fuck’s sake James”, and talk to myself by name. I don’t know if that’s weird. Maybe it is. Ive also noticed that I mostly hate talking about … Continue reading Myself


June 5th 2021 Today I played a game of golf mostly alone. I say mostly because I was surrounded by people and sheep. I played Cleeve Hill Golf Club, which is a common course, which means it’s public land so any old person can roam about. Any young person can too. Also, any young or old sheep can roam about too. It’s less of a golf course and more of a huge plot of land that someone has stuck 18 pins in to. As you can imagine from any golf course that has sheep for green keepers, it wasn’t exactly … Continue reading Cleeve


June 4th 2021 Today I took the day off work to give my brain a rest. It was a relatively low-key week anyway, with a lot of people taking leave because of the sun or half term or the bank holiday. So I took leave just so I could switch my brain off for a bit. I wouldn’t say it’s been super worth it, as I’ve done basically nothing. Though that was kind of the point. And, to be fair, I have watched three whole seasons of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and completed two whole seasons of Football Manager. … Continue reading Off


June 3rd 2021 Today I mostly just stayed at home and tried to avoid making any bad life choices. It went well. I made very few bad life choices. Today, at least. That is not a claim that I can claim much wider than the sphere of today. Those were definitely words. In an order. Potentially even the right order. Anyway. I was in no way destructive, and that’s something. Like, I could have been, but I decided to just sit in and watch Netflix instead. So that’s something. Now I just need to repeat that behaviour for like a … Continue reading Destructive


June 2nd 2021 Today I couldn’t tell whether to laugh or cry at Bo Burnham’s new Netflix special Inside. And I think that, as ever, was the point. It’s brilliant. I can’t recommend that you watch it, though, because I don’t know if you’d enjoy it. It’s a very specific type of thing. It’s reverential, depressing, claustrophobic, unnerving, revealing, political, self-reflective. It starts funny, and then it gets serious, and then it just gets sad. I don’t really know what it even is. But it’s brilliant. The ingenuity in the production is insane, the awareness behind the gags is always … Continue reading Inside


June 1st 2021 Today I was both physically and mentally in the fetal position for most of the day — the former literally, the latter metaphorically. I’m still on a bit of a comedown from a big happy sunny bank holiday weekend in London, so my brain is mostly fried, and so is my skin. That, plus being back in the office and stressed, made me want to do that thing I sometimes do where I lie under my desk to get away from it all. So when I got home, that’s mostly what I did. Except it was in … Continue reading Fetal


May 31st 2021 Today I think I got sunburnt from being in the sun for like half an hour. My nose is red and sore. I think my skin must be so confused by the big warm shiny thing in the sky that it has forgotten how to absorb sunlight. And so now my nose is red and I have a white line across the top of it from where I was wearing my sunglasses. I’m glad it’s sunny again though. It looks like this week is going to be the start and finish of the British Summer so we’d … Continue reading Absorb


May 30th 2021 Today I’m glad I took my running kit to London with me. Somehow the only train home I could get was at 6pm, which meant not getting home until 8pm, and I really wouldn’t have wanted to run at that time. But because I had my kit I could run in London instead! And I found quite a nice route, and it was a lovely day for it, and I felt like absolute arse because I’d been out the night before. I managed to do a route which had me running along the Thames. It was pretty. … Continue reading Thames