May 13th 2020 Today I’m going to have prepare myself for the fact that life might be like this for five more months at least. My boss(‘s boss) today floated the idea of working from home until late September by us. And by ‘floated’, I do mean ‘hypothetically suggested’, but for her that means that it’s happening. And so I must begin to get used to the fact that nothing is going to change for a while. That we’ll stay how we are for a while longer. And although I’m getting used to it, I do still wish it could … Continue reading Floated


May 11th 2020 Today I’m on day 5 of the same headache. Every few hours I get this ringing pain on the left hand side of the middle of my scalp. It’s kinda annoying. I’ve asked around and according to my peer group of unqualified medical amateurs, it’s either stress, dehydration, or carbon monoxide poisoning. Or, more likely, it’s a headache. It’s kinda annoying. Since lockdown, I have been drinking a lot more beer and a lot less water than I used to. So maybe that’s part of it. Also, I’m currently living through some pretty stressful love life drama, … Continue reading Headache


May 10th 2020 Today did you know that Mexico is not in South America? Because I did, but for some reason I said that it was. It was the fifth weekly Maths Boys Quiz Night, and once again I lost on the last question. Pick your favourite from these: Name the 12 South American counries (in my defence Brazil, Argentina and Chile were already taken, and at that point I panicked) Name the seventeen Brazilian players to have won the Premier League. And so on. Again, there were some easier winning questions, but I did my best to learn from … Continue reading Mexico