January 23rd 2021 Today I’ve developed a weird phobia/aversion to standing on my kitchen floor while wearing socks. That’s a weird sentence to open a blog with. It’s also kind of just a weird sentence in general, but it is a thing that is freaking me out at the moment. My kitchen floor is tiled, and those tiles get very cold. And standing on those cold tiles in just socks sends a shiver through my body. And so I’ve begun to start wearing trainers while I cook. My other weirdly specific phobia is to the sound freezers make when you … Continue reading Slippers


January 22nd 2021 Today I got a sugar rush from a supposedly healthy flapjack. I made a batch of energy bars with nuts and oats and seeds and fruit and stuff, but god damn they were sweet. I mean, there was also honey and sugar and butter, so maybe they weren’t that healthy. They were tasty though. And probably healthy. But now it’s 1am and I’m still buzzing off the sugar high. Also, they’ve got goji berries in. Until tomorrow, I don’t even know what a goji Berry is. Jacn Continue reading Goji


January 20th 2021 Today I apparently just unironically like fish now. To the point where I even considered going to the fish counter in Waitrose to ask for some monkfish to make into a curry. And then I thought better of it and ordered a curry instead, with a curried fish starter thing. On the menu it was called whitefish. I don’t know if that’s a real fish. I don’t know enough about fish to answer that. I feel like whitefish is just a cover name for a nondescript white fish OHHHH I get it now. Okay. That makes sense. … Continue reading Whitefish


January 19th 2021 Today at work I really struggled to stay focused on one task at a time without getting distracted by another. A colleague once described be as a marketing magpie, because I see something shiny and get super invested in that until the next shiny thing comes along. And aint that the truth. I’ll be doing one thing, and then I’ll get an email or a message about a different thing, and suddenly that will grab my attention and the previous thing I was doing gets forgotten about for a bit. Also: rabbits. I’ll be doing one thing, … Continue reading Magpie


January 18th 2020 Today it’s kinda getting to me that I have nothing to write about. I have no news. No updates. Nothing to share. That’s not completely the fault of the global pandemic which has kept the world inside for a year, but it mostly is. There’s just no stories I can tell, which makes it hard to want to write this blog every night. Hopefully soon I’ll have things I can talk about. Happy stuff to share and document and remember in years to come. Until tomorrow, in the short term it’s just the same old stuff, everyday. … Continue reading Everyday


January 15th 2021 Today I was supposed to bake flapjacks but I had a much better time staying in bed instead. I got all the ingredients I needed, spent far too much money in the health food aisle of Waitrose, but then got back home and realised I’d much prefer getting back into bed. So I did that. And it felt great. Flapjacks can wait. Bed was cosy and comfortable. Until tomorrow, maybe I’ll bake tomorrow. Jacn Continue reading Cosy


January 14th 2021 Today I’ve had a cassoulet and a bottle of wine. That’s made me feel better. It’s a lot like a Friday, but on a Thursday. It’s also made me feel a bit French. Cassoulet takes an absolute age to cook, but by the time it was done it was worth it. Duck and sausage. Two meats! The dream. Red wine seemed appropriate, but white wine tasted better. Also I tried to be the kind of person who drinks Whiskey. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it. Which is a middling opinion to have. Until tomorrow, … Continue reading Cassoulet