November 17th 2019 Today, for the second time this year, one of my friend’s said to me the phrase “when you know, you know” On both occasions they’ve said it because they met a girl and basically instantly fallen in love with her. For a long, long time I thought that kind of thing only happened in books and movies, but if it keeps happening in real life I may have to start to rethink that outlook. I think I’m cynical enough to not believe in love at first sight, or soul mates, or ‘the one’, because that’s just illogical … Continue reading Know


November 16th 2019 Today I’d had enough of laying around in bed all day feeling contemplative and sorry for myself so I decided to book a train to London for a night out. I’d deliberately not made any plans for this weekend because — having just spent £800 on a flight to New Zealand — I wanted to save some money. So I was watching Netflix and led in bed and was feeling thoroughly bored and alone, and realised that it was well within my power to change that. And so I did. I text a mate, booked a train, … Continue reading Decided


November 15th 2019 Today I was feeling pretty sad until I drove to Jim’s for a curry and a dip in the hot tub with him, Oli and Georgia. Originally we were supposed to be getting Thai food, but they were closed so that ruined the ‘Hot Tub Thai Machine’ joke I was going to make. Hey, look, I made it anyway. I’d had a shitty day, and had felt pretty down, but spending the evening with my mates really helped. It just distracted me from whatever it was that was upsetting me. I’m now a bit sad because Jim … Continue reading Tub


November 14th 2019 Today I swore I was going to sort out my sleeping pattern with an early rise and an early night. I went to bed at a decent time yesterday, and even woke up at a decent time, but then I laid in bed for too long because it had snowed over night and I didn’t want to leave the house. And now, it’s almost midnight and I’ve not gone to sleep yet. I can physically feel my fucked up sleeping pattern affecting me during the day, and I’d like to return to the time where I slept … Continue reading Swore


November 13th 2019 Today I’m really struggling to ‘break up’ with someone. The inverted commas are because it’s not really a relationship, we’ve just been dating for a little while and I’m not really feeling it any more. That’s a normal, reasonable… reason, but for some reason I cannot word it like that to her. In my year-or-so in the ‘dating’ world (lots of air quotes in play tonight) I’ve usually let things continue until the other person calls it off which, so far, I’ve had a 100% success rate at. (and that’s a less depressing way of saying that … Continue reading Unsuccessful


November 11th 2019 Today my friend set me a challenge to stop accepting fliers that are handed to me by people I walk past in the street. We were playing this kind of question and answer game, and one of the questions on the sheet was “Do you find it hard to say no to people?” and I find it incredibly difficult to say no to people. I told a story about this one time when I was in a shopping centre in Brighton and this man with a clipboard looked at me and asked me if I could spare … Continue reading No