January 22nd 2022 Today I lost at SOOFT. Steven’s one-off FIFA tournament. I was very bad. I barely competed. I did, however, win both games or Knowledge is Power. Big threat. Also there was pizza and beer, and I am tired. It was a proper lads night. Lads lads lads. Until tomorrow, it would’ve been nice to win at least one game. Jacn Continue reading Tournament


January 21st 2022 Today, a tribute to the big man. Sing along, Normans. Well I remember every little thingAs if it happened only yesterdayParking by the lakeAnd there was not another car in sightAnd I never had a girlLooking any better than you didAnd all the kids at schoolThey were wishing they were me that nightAnd now our bodies are, oh, so close and tightIt never felt so good, it never felt so rightAnd we’re glowing like the metal on the edge of a knifeGlowing like the metal on the edge of a knifeC’mon, hold on tightWell, c’mon, hold on … Continue reading Paradise


January 20th 2022 Today was not a good day, for reasons fourfold. 1. The offer I submitted on the house was finally rejected. 2. I ate too much bread. I had bread for every meal. Mistake. 3. I spent all afternoon half snoozing through a training course that I didn’t particularly want to be on. 4. Arsenal embarrassed themselves again. Until tomorrow, we go again, just with less bread. Jacn Continue reading Fourfold


January 19th 2022 Today I maybe would’ve expected to hear something about the offer I made on the house I viewed on Monday. It’s now Wednesday, after all. The longer the silence continues, the less confident I am. I expect that what is happening is that the estate agent is trying to get some of the other people who have viewed it to be my bid, in which case… fair play. That’s his job. I can’t be too mad at it, if these are just tactics. Though if it’s just forgetfulness then I’d probably be a bit mad. Like maybe … Continue reading Tactics


January 18th 2022 Today I exercised for the first time in a long time. I went to play football with my dad and his old Tuesday night football lot. In previous times I’ve been, my dad has not always been the oldest there. it’s normally that kinda crowd. Fifty odds who may still have decent technical ability but can’t move as quick as me. It was a different, much younger crowd tonight, and oh boy I was bad. And unfit. As mentioned, usually what I lack in technical ability I make up for by putting a shift in and moving … Continue reading Unfit


January 17th 2022 Today I put in an offer on my first home. It’s a one bed apartment on the first floor of one of the classic Cheltenham regency buildings. It has high ceilings, and huge windows, a wide open kitchen/living space, and a balcony. It’s in a beautiful location on a quiet, crescent road. I viewed it this morning, and then in the afternoon the estate agent told me it had had an offer for guide price. That rather forced my hand. it’s the only place that I’ve actually seen, and perhaps it would’ve been nice to have seen … Continue reading Crescent


January 16th 2022 Today it was good to talk. And it was good to eat. And it was good to hug. Look after yourself, but also let the people who love you look after you too. I may have written that sentence before, or at least expressed the sentiment, but it is worth repeating. Until tomorrow, sorry for being so detached. Jamie Continue reading Detached


January 16th 2021 Today I shot my lowest ever score on a round of golf. I was two over par for the whole round. I had two bogies, and that was it. Literally. Because in total I played ten shots. Ten. (+2) I shot ten, because after a 5 on the first and a 5 on the second, we had to go home. Dan took this tee shot on 3 and, as I followed the flight of the ball through the air, I heard the sound of a club hit a bin. I turned to look, and saw Dan in … Continue reading Lowest


January 14th 2022 Today I woke up feeling both literally and spiritually shite about breaking Dry Jan. I mean, it wasn’t that dry to begin with, but I binged last night and felt horrendous this morning. The hangovers are mostly why I’ve stopped drinking. I’m getting too old for them. I just wanna nap for two days after drinking. Until tomorrow, speaking of which. Jacn Continue reading Dry


January 13th 2022 Today I’ve had agreed a mortgage in principle, and I’ve organised a viewing on two flats to buy. Look at me! Progress and shit. I also enquired about another one, but when they called me back they realised I wasn’t a 65+ year old looking for a retirement property. It looked nice, okay! I’m supposedly on dry January, but I was out with spence tonight. It was not dry. It was wet with Stateside and San Miguel. I beat him 5-0 at pool, which I’d imagine was quite embarrassing for him. Sorry spence. My viewings aren’t until … Continue reading Enquired