April 11th 2021 Today, on my 343rd day of running 5k every day, here’s a list of reasons why 343 is my favourite number. Fair warning, none of this is going to be interesting to anyone other than me, so feel free to skip this post and check back tomorrow. 343 is the only 3-digit cubic palindrome. This 5k every day thing, has me running 7 days a week, for 3 miles a day. 73 = 343. 343 is a nice Friedman number, meaning it can be expressed in an equation using all its own digits in order, in combination … Continue reading Cubic


April 9th 2021 Today I went on an absolute mission to find some lychee juice. Have you ever heard of that before? Me either. Jamie Oliver says it’s a thing so it must be a thing. I couldn’t find it anywhere in Cheltenham, though that’s maybe because I didn’t look hard enough. Add some vodka. Add some elderflower liquer. Mix in your lychee juice. Shakey shake and you’ve got yourself a cocktail or two. I have no idea what the fruit things were but apparently they’re a thing. Until tomorrow, congratulations, and celebrations. Jacn Continue reading Lychee


April 8th 2021 Today I feel like I’m approaching a point where I’m going to have to start making decisions. And that’s like the worst thing. Just coasting through life avoiding all conflict and discomfort is much easier. But, as I always say: Comfort is danger, stasis is death. And it’s not that I’m standing still, it’s just that I’ve not moved for a while. I’ve like, stopped to tie my shoes, but I’m doing a really thorough job of it. And then just for good measure I decide to untie them, stumble a little bit, and then tie them … Continue reading Decisions


April 7th 2021 Today I don’t know what it is but I feel… good. Like, nothing great has happened today, I just feel pretty happy. I’m sure it’ll pass. Usually at this time of year I’d attribute a positive change in mood to the sun coming out, but it literally fucking snowed yesterday so it can’t be that. Maybe it’s that we’re edging ever closer to reaching normality. Maybe it’s that I’m starting to look forward to making plans again. Maybe I’m still on a sugar high from eating two Easter eggs last night. I dunno. I just feel good, … Continue reading Good


April 6th 2021 Today I feel like I’ve eaten two Easter eggs. Because I have. I do a great job of never buying chocolatey snacks for the exact reason I ended up eating both eggs tonight: if it’s there, I’ll eat it. I’ve come home from visiting my parents with two Easter eggs, and they’re both gone within a day. I purposefully cooked a dinner with a fuck load of veg because I felt like I needed some goodness in my life, and then I undid it all by eating two Easter eggs. I feel like at this point I’ve … Continue reading Goodness


April 5th 2021 Today, a few things: 1) People keep telling me I should stop running if it’s hurting my legs. Amateurs. I accidentally ran 7k today instead of my usual daily 5k because I didn’t turn Strava on at the start of my run, and so my legs did more than they’re used to. Haters will say that 7k is not 5k and that my streak is ruined, but haters are haters. My parents say I should do six days with a rest day instead of 7 days a week, but six days with a rest day is lame. … Continue reading Cool


April 4th 2021 Today we did an Easter Egg hunt in the garden for my niece. I don’t know why but it was crazy to me how quickly she picked up on the concept. I guess because I don’t see her that much I don’t have much of a frame of reference for her development, but mum gave her a basket and put some eggs in the flower pots and Sophia pretty much figured out what the game was. It was adorable. Easter Egg hunts were a big thing for us kids growing up, so it was nice to be … Continue reading Basket


April 3rd 2021 Today I came back home for football and steak. I met up with my OG friends to play World Cup singles/one-bounce Horse and drink Budweiser in a field like we were 16. And I don’t care if that sounds childish, but we did it because we were allowed to and it sounded fun. And then I went to my Mum’s to eat steak and see my niece and my sister and life was, for a moment, mostly normal. Until tomorrow, if summer ends up like this, we’ll be okay. Jacn Continue reading Field


April 2nd 2021 Today I slothed through the first of the four day weekend. That’s probably not a word but let’s go with it. I was dreading this weekend, to be honest. I usually hate weekends because there’s nothing to do, and this is like two weekends back to back, so seemed doubly as depressing. But then… plans! The world is semi-open. Groups of six can congregate outside. What a weird thing to be celebrating, if you take the context out of it. Anyway. I’m meeting some friends to play football tomorrow, and then I’m going to see my family … Continue reading Hermitted