March 30th 2021 Today I saw people. Real people! People I know! Well, one person I know. I went for a walk with my friend Jim and his friend Alice. The sun was out. I wore shorts. It was happy times. It’s weird, I’m weirdly anxious about seeing people because I feel like I’ve forgotten how to socialise. I gave Alice an awkward wave goodbye because fuck knows what you’re supposed to do nowadays. We walked around Cheltenham for an hour or so, getting completely lost, and then I lost, and then lost again. It was nice. Seeing people is … Continue reading Wave


March 29th 2021 Today I forgot that I wear glasses. I walked downstairs, went to get in my car, and then realised I couldn’t see anything. I’ve worn my glasses so infrequently over the last year, that apparently I’ve forgotten that I need them to drive. I’ve also driven so infrequently over the past year that I’ve probably forgotten how to drive too. In which case, no glasses would make me even worse. I don’t wear my glasses when I’m working at my desk. I dont wear them when I walk to the shop or to get a coffee. I … Continue reading Glasses


March 28th 2021 Today I continue to disrespect a Great British tradition: The Big Shop. A combination of living so close to a supermarket plus a strangling inability to plan my life further than three days in advance means that I find myself in that Tesco almost every day. If I had to drive there, perhaps I might plan my week’s meals properly, and stock my cupboards and fridge with more than just exactly what I need for that particular day. It’s probably inefficient, and uneconomical — buying the day’s food almost every day. But I continue to do it. … Continue reading Disrespect


March 27th 2021 Today I bottled the jump again. I run the same 5k route around a local park every single day, and almost every single day I tell myself “I’m going to try the jump this time” For context, for those of you who are not inside of my head, in this park there’s a lake, and leading into that lake is a stream, and across that stream is a bridge. To the right, and I guess left, depending on your perspective, of that bridge is the stream. This bridge is a bottleneck for the people who are walking … Continue reading Jump


March 26th 2021 Today I was unbeaten at (official) chess club. Played three, lost zero. Absolute shagger. It was only technically two wins, because I drew against the highest ranked player out of the four of us, but I was one move away from mating him with 5 seconds on the clock, but I couldn’t find it in time, so I took perpetual check for the draw instead. Still, no losses in 3? I’ll take that. I’ve had a good chess week. I’ve climbed 200 rating points because I’m fucking obsessed man. Playing real people helps too. So does playing … Continue reading Unbeaten


March 25th 2021 Today I feel fried. I’m struggling to concentrate and I feel really tired even though I’m sleeping quite well. I joked that the change in the weather has drained me, but apparently that’s a real thing, so there’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. I’ve missed the sun. I took a mid-afternoon walk to a coffee shop and I was too warm in just a jumper. Until tomorrow, I think the sun has made me tired though. Jacn Continue reading Fried


March 24th 2021 Today I had a random 9pm craving for a salted caramel and chocolate muffin. So I went to the shop and bought a pack of salted caramel and double chocolate muffins. It is unlike me to ever have a craving for chocolate. And that is a particularly specific craving, so I’m not sure what that’s all about. Maybe I’m pregnant. I’m glad I didn’t eat four. I probably should’ve only eaten one. Let’s just say that I ate an amount that falls somewhere between one and four. Until tomorrow, it was only two, I swear. Jacn Continue reading Muffins


March 23rd 2021 Today I feel like I’m getting better at giving demos. I had to give one presentation and two demos at work today, and that would used to have bothered me a lot more than it did. I think I’m getting better at it. I think I speak slower, and more clearly, and in a way that could somehow be construed as to demonstrate that I know what I’m talking about. Most of that is just fluff though, mind. The first presentation was to the Programme Board, which includes my boss and the CEO and the CPO and … Continue reading Demo


March 21st 2021 Today I got randomly emotional at hearing an innocuous bit of information. I’m not entirely sure how, but I ended up watching a YouTube video about the landing of Perseverance — the latest rover to have been landed on Mars. Even my phrasing there “the latest rover” is a bit mental, and that goes some way to describing what choked me up a bit. Specifically though, it was this line from the video: “The first person to walk on Mars is alive on earth right now” That is to say, that within this lifetime, maybe even within … Continue reading Perseverance