May 8th 2022 Today I took like every form of public transport available to me to get home from Bucharest and, along the way, heard pretty much all of the things you don’t want to hear when using public transport. Step 1: a taxi to the airport in which, as we fumbled around looking for seatbelts, the driver turned to us and said “no clips” and then proceeded to drive like a fucking idiot. Although, to be fair to him, everyone in Bucharest drives like a fucking idiot. So really he was just driving normally, while frequently changing lanes to … Continue reading Replacement


May 7th 2022 Today was my last day in Bucharest. And so we made the most of it. Thanks to the early night last night we made it to Therme Bucharest before 10am. Therme is a water park slash relaxation zone. We spent half of our three hours on the slides, and half of it in the jacuzzis. I took no photos inside, because, yknow, but believe me that it was a great time. We went on the red slide five times, and not once did we make it down the thingy hole first time. After, we walked through Herastrau … Continue reading Therme


May 6th 2022 Today I’m going to the story of my day in Bucharest through pictures, rather than words, as I am too tired to put any effort in. I’ve felt rough all day after a heavy first night last night. It’s 10pm here now and we’re ready for bed. The plan is to wake up early tomorrow and make the most of the last day. Anyway, enough words. Carturesti Carusel bookstore; Palace of the parliament: Some other cool building: We had a salad for lunch in an attempt at regaining some of the health we lost last night: But … Continue reading Nor


May 5th 2022 Today we flew to Bucharest. It was a stressful flight, but in the end we got there. We’re staying in an absolute penthouse — an Airbnb which has a surprise three balconies. At one point today we’d run out of sun on the north facing side (below), so switched to the south-facing side. We tried to explore the city, but my navigation was bad, and so was my ability to scoot scoot motherfucker, and shortly after getting on a scooter I land on my face and chest. Oops. We’d been told about this Mexican restaurant (Blue Margarita), … Continue reading Bucharest


May 4th 2022 Today I traveled to London (Essex) for day 0 of my holiday. It has started how we have planned it to continue, shall we say. Although to be fair to me I did write a list. A list of things to do while we’re in Bucharest. It includes one parliamentary building, one national park, and 5 cocktail bars in the sky. You can see the vibe I have planned, I imagine. For tonight, it was Wing Wednesday in the Dog’s Head. Which is a very British six words to type. They had a lovely IPA on tap, … Continue reading Essex


May 3rd 2022 Today was pretty rough. I am doing my best to cram 5 days of work into 1.5 days in the office this week — thanks to a bank holiday plus a trip to Romania I’m on this weekend. And so instead of being able to just focus on each thing I needed to get done in subsequence this week, I had to rush through them in parallel. And it stressed me out. This is an awfully timed holiday, and it feels like I’ve not done a five day week in forever, and that I am just spinning … Continue reading Pies


May 2nd 2022 Today me Mum and Dad went on a lovely nature walk around Stanton Forest. Stratton Woods? Stanton Park? One of them. So many dogs. I felt like we needed to have a dog with us or we looked out of place. Freddie where you at? It was lovely to be out in nature. It’s something that I don’t do enough at the moment. There are loads of nice areas around Cheltenham where I could go for a walk, but I only ever do it when I’m with Mum and Dad. I am by default suspicious of people … Continue reading Stanton


May 1st 2022 Today I’m at Mum and Dad’s for a kind of birthday dinner kind of generic Sunday dinner type vibe. It was the most fun I’ve had with them in a long time. I’m not sure if it was the fact that I drank a lot more than I usually do around them, or that it was just me and them for once (sisters not included), but I felt like we spoke more genuinely than we normally do. Often when we speak on the phone it feels like we’re just ticking off items on a checklist to update … Continue reading Philosophically


April 30th 2022 Today I became a member of a golf club, and immediately posted my lowest round of the year. I shot 88, largely thanks to an absolute charge on the back nine. I shot 49 on the front, and 39 on the back, carding 3 pars and a birdie in five holes. That’s not bad at all considering I started off with back to back double bogeys. On hole 7, we played through the group which had been holding us up all round, and the ability to play consistent shots just opened up my game. So, eighty eight … Continue reading Member


April 29th 2022 Today I feel like I’m running out of words. Each day I try to think of a unique, distinct, single word to name each of these blog posts, and the longer this goes on, the more difficult it becomes to think of one I’ve never used before. We’re at day 2676 now, and as far as I know, I’ve never used the same word as the title twice. That sounds like a crazy amount. I don’t think that if I sat down and committed to it I could think of 3,000 different words. And yet here we … Continue reading Dictionary