September 7th 2019 Today I went to my friend’s mum’s 52nd birthday party, and it ended up being crazier than it might sound. We saw off the beer at her house, then the younger lot dispersed and saw off the vodka in town town. It probably shouldn’t have been a wild Saturday night, but it was always going to be in the end. The night actually started in a hot tub, which was a new experience. I’m not much of a Bath person and a hot tub is just like a hot bubble bath, so I didn’t love it but … Continue reading Dispersed


September 6th 2019 Today my holiday ended on a pretty sour note when RyanAir charged us £220 for late check in. Admittedly, it was all completely my fault because i should have checked in on the app in the 2-48 hours before our flight, but I forgot, and my mistake cost us £55 each. Ouch, My friends, as you can imagine, were not happy with me, but you live and learn. Annoyingly, both the check-in agent and her mate, the “you forgot to check-in” agent, seemed to take pleasure in our misfortune. I wonder how many times a day that … Continue reading Boarding


August 30th 2019 Today I was all grown up and shit and cleaned and tidied the house. I used cleaning products that I’d never even seen before, I used a hoover, I used a fresh cloth, I did a load of washing and put it out on the lin—- SHIT. I FORGOT TO GET IT OFF THE LINE. Only joking. I didn’t forget to get it off the line, because I am a responsible adult who scrubbed a sink today. I was going to scrub the toilet but then I remembered that I’m not that kind of guy, so I … Continue reading Clean


August 29th 2019 Today was my last day in the office for almost two weeks, and tonight I went out for dinner for a mate’s birthday. I am in full on holiday mode already. I fly to Portugal on Saturday for a golf holiday, but I’m having tomorrow off work because I need to tidy the house. See, Mum and Dad are back from holiday on the same day that I am, so I need to make sure that the house is completely tidy for them. And so I’ve booked a day off work to do that. Also, I need … Continue reading Mode