November 18th 2021 Today I almost disgraced myself in front of an electrician. See, my bedroom light has been broken for a few weeks. Yes I know how to replace a lightbulb. So I did that, and the light still didn’t work. So I thought maybe it was something to do with the fuse something. Wire something. So I got my letting agent to send out an electrician. When I checked my calendar this morning and saw he was coming today I thought “I’m going to feel like a bellend if he gets here and realises all he needs to … Continue reading Electrician


November 17th 2021 Today I need sleep. I’ve barely slept for the last few nights and it’s just about catching up on me. My phone is on dark mode and sleep mode and do not disturb and I may as well just turn it off because otherwise I’m going to get distracted by it and not sleep again. Until tomorrow, I’m putting it down now. Jacn Continue reading Disturb


November 16th 2021 Today I was designated driver. I think I designated myself, so I’m not sure if that counts. I was supposed to be the taxi service who arrived after dinner, but then I ended up being invited to dinner, which is better. Though unlike a taxi service, I spent 80 bucks and ate a steak. Spending money is like the opposite of being a taxi. This is basically just me convincing myself that I was actually invited to dinner and that I didn’t just crash it. It was a good time though. Until tomorrow, I had rigatoni, ragu, … Continue reading Convincing


November 15th 2021 Today, as the old saying goes, remember remember the 15th of November. Wait, no that isn’t right. Well for some reason people have been setting off fireworks all night so clearly they have something to celebrate, I just question their timing. I’m sure they’re all very happy about whatever they’re celebrating, but they’re either much too early or slightly too late. Maybe a bit of both. Until tomorrow, save it till the New Year. Jacn Continue reading Timing


November 14th 2021 Today I’m mostly just tired. I’ve spent my day avoiding having a nap because I’m looking forward to a full night sleep tonight. I’m really looking forward to waking up tomorrow morning and not feeling like I had too much to drink the night before. Christ I’m old. I’ve never been particularly rock and roll, but I swear I used to cope better than this. At Uni I’d drink five nights out of seven and feel fine. Look how far I’ve fallen. I’m sorry that this blog is boring but that is my life. Until tomorrow, or, … Continue reading Cope


November 13th 2021 Today I had a birthday night in with Kirstyn and Freddie and Steve. Apparently Freddie comes before Steve in the list now even though Freddie is a dog. Sorry Steve. But look at his little face. You know how it is. This was a birthday night in for me. My birthday was in September but this was the first available night. We had Siam Thai and also I won two rounds of the Logo Game. Until tomorrow, happy birthday. Jacn Continue reading Siam


November 12th 2021 Today, some things: I feel super uncomfortable about like 4 conversations I had at work today. I guess it was just one conversation but there were at least 4 parts of it that perturbed me. Also I guess I now go out every Friday? I’ve been out three in a row which is a decent sample size. I did call this one a night long before I might’ve done, though. Also, I saw Spence tonight and learnt that he is moving back to Swindon soon. I feel slightly responsible for that, because we moved to Cheltenham together, … Continue reading Perturbed


November 11th 2021 Today I turned vegan for the day. Actually that’s a lie my dinner had eggs in it. I turned vegetarian for the day! I’m not entirely sure why, but in the shop yesterday I decided to pick up some quorn chicken instead of, y’know, chicken chicken. In my head I had a dish planned. Egg fried rice with quorn chicken and loads of vegetables. I feel like I’ve eaten out a lot lately and drank perhaps too excessively, so I’m trying to cook healthier, meat free stuff where I can. On Tuesday I cooked a veggie Kotthu … Continue reading Vegetarian


November 9th 2021 Today something clicked and I found myself engaged again. For a month or so I’ve been demotivated at work. Disengaged. I’ve been having a confidence crisis for one reason or another, and I followed some really bad advice from someone who doesn’t know me very well, and I kind of lost my place. I didn’t know where I was. I didn’t know what I was doing. I didn’t know where I was going. And I mostly still don’t, but I knew what I was doing today. And that’s something, I guess. During this time I’ve been flirting … Continue reading Clicked