September 15th 2020 Today was a pretty unhealthy day. I had my breakfast bagel, as I do every day, but lunch was a Pot Noodle and dinner was Weetabix. Also I had two chocolate hob knobs which was surprisingly restrained for me as I’ve been known to eat a packet in a session. That’s also why I tend not to buy chocolate covered hob knobs. I also had what I think turned out to be a quadruple espresso from an unfamiliar coffee machine at the office, so I ended up quite dizzy. I did however drink quite a lot of … Continue reading Unhealthy


September 14th 2020 Today past me did future me a favour by going for a run as soon as I woke up. Future me would not have wanted to run when I got home from work, and past me knew that. Past me isn’t always a dick to future me. Sometimes past me is fiscally irresponsible and future me has to deal with it, but occasionally past me protects future me from situations that future me would rather avoid. It’s rare that I go for a run before 8am, because, in recent history, it’s rare that I’m out of bed … Continue reading Inoffensive


September 12th 2020 Today was a reset day. Other than to feed myself and go for a run, I barely got out of bed. I did some washing. I changed my bed sheets. I did bare minimum stuff to make it not a complete waste of a day, but I kind of needed it for the sake of my mental health. Sometimes you just need a day in bed to reset. Sometimes I think I need a day in bed but then end up feeling worse for it. Today was one of those. My grandma was rushed to hospital today, … Continue reading Reset


September 11th 2020 Today I successfully completed a week in the office without buying lunch from a restaurant even once. Sure, for the four days I was in the office I bought something from town, but a £5 sandwich is a lot better than the £30-50 I tend to spend on a lunch at Wagamama or Cote Brasserie usually. I’m pretty broke this month, so I’m tying to be careful and not just eat all my money like I usually do. So for this whole weak I have stayed steadfast in my decision not to do that thing we do … Continue reading Broke


September 8th 2020 Today I couldn’t buy lunch because Greggs was only accepting cash. It’s 2020 ft. a pandemic, so I don’t carry cash. I also don’t carry a wallet. If I ever want to buy something, I use Apple Pay on my phone, because the contactless limit is like £100,000, and if I’m ever in a situation where I’m buying something for more than £100,000 with cash that is directly in my bank account, then it’s probably not going to be at a Greggs in Gloucester on a Tuesday lunchtime. Because you cannot (yet) use Apple Pay to withdraw … Continue reading Cash


September 7th 2020 Today was my first ‘official’ day back in the office ‘post’-covid. I say ‘official’, because I’ve been voluntarily going back into the office a couple times a week for over a month, and I say ‘post’ because covid hasn’t just stopped being a thing just because we decided that we were bored of it. I haven’t seen the stats myself, but I overheard someone say today that yesterday we had the highest number of new cases in a day since June. And that makes sense, with the kids going back to school and everything. I have seen … Continue reading Guidelines